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Organizational Leadership Specialization

Successfully Lead in an Ever-Changing Business Environment

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  • Specialization via Coursera and Northwestern University
  • $595 for 3-4 months
  • 4 courses + capstone project
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Organizational Leadership
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Master key strategies to successfully lead an organizational change effort in just five courses plus a final capstone project.
Credential Type
3-4 months

How do aspiring managers succeed in an ever-changing business environment? How do they lead different groups to action? This specialization equips aspiring managers to lead change and leverage different roles and functions within for-profit institutions to create lasting value in the marketplace. Throughout the five courses, we will explore how great leaders assess themselves and lead collaborative teams that effectively manage negotiations and conflict. We will discover how leaders communicate through storytelling and employ other communication strategies to influence. Furthermore, we will learn how organizations start with the clarity of purpose that comes from an understanding of customers’ needs, including leveraging data analytics, and use that focus to drive the design of products and services to meet those needs effectively. At the end of the coursework, students will create a capstone project that allows them to apply what they have learned.

Incentives & Benefits

After you complete this Specialization, you will be able to collaborate both internally and externally and manage negotiations; design and deliver a powerful story that effectively influences thoughts and actions; analyze communication situations and select strategies; articulate what customers really want/need; and utilize design methods to uncover opportunities and foster a culture of collaborative innovation.

What You'll Learn

  • Collaborate – Develop and manage cross-domain, collaboration internally and externally and manage negotiations/conflict resolution to ensure success
  • Communicate and Influence – Design and deliver a powerful story that effectively influences thoughts and actions
  • Develop a Communication Strategy–Analyze communications situations and select strategies appropriate to them
  • Understand the Customer– Articulate what customers really want/need and how to motivate action
  • Innovate – Apply design methods to understand user needs and create value
  • Apply - Create a unique project that leverages the knowledge and skills from the five courses

Recommended Background

    ★★★★★ (4) 3 weeks 19th Aug, 2019
    Are leaders born or made? Learn the essential skills to develop and expand your leadership repertoire, design teams for collaboration, and craft win-win negotiation strategies. High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation focuses on leadership, teamwork, and negotiation. Students will engage in self-assessments to analyze their leadership style, develop team charters to optimize their groups, and develop a game plan for effective negotiation.<br /> <br /> Recurring course sessions repeat every 2 weeks on Monday with an enrollment period of 5 days.
    ★★★☆☆ (1) 4 weeks 19th Aug, 2019
    Storytelling is an essential part of leadership. Effective leaders communicate to inspire talent to excel; to partner with investors and communities; to engage with customers and clients and to grow their impact in the world as part of a global community. Cultivating an authentic, trustworthy and compelling narrative is vital to a leader’s success. This course helps leaders find their own story through personal branding; develop storytelling success with all constituencies; initiate an effective voice for crisis; interact well through social and third party media; and communicate a vision for innovation.
    ★★★★★ (2) 4 weeks 19th Aug, 2019
    This course will provide learners with a systematic general framework for analyzing persuasive influence situations. Learners will be able to identify different challenges faced by persuaders and to fashion appropriate strategies for addressing those challenges. The broad goal is to provide learners with not only an extensive persuasion tool kit, but also with an understanding of how different tools are useful in different situations. Specifically, the course will address four broad topics: strategies for influencing people’s personal attitudes; strategies for affecting social factors influencing behavior; strategies for affecting people’s perceived ability to undertake the desired behavior; and strategies for inducing people to act on their existing intentions.
    ★★★★★ (1) 4 weeks 1st Sep, 2019
    The success of every organization depends on attracting and retaining customers. Although the marketing concepts for doing so are well established, digital technology has empowered customers, while producing massive amounts of data, revolutionizing the processes through which organizations attract and retain customers. In this course, students will learn how to identify new opportunities to create value for empowered consumers, develop strategies that yield an advantage over rivals, and develop the data science skills to lead more effectively, allocate resources, and to confront this very challenging environment with confidence.
    ☆☆☆☆☆ (0) 4 weeks 26th Aug, 2019
    Today’s workplace calls for a new style of leadership to embolden and accelerate innovation. Design offers a novel way to discover market opportunities, experiment to validate concepts and mitigate risk, and deliver value to all stakeholders. This course offers hands-on experience applying human-centered design process to real-world challenges, and requires you to explore the world around you. Learn how to engage with end users, effectively frame problems, identify potential solutions, and build prototypes to test assumptions and learn what works (and doesn’t). Then dive into a range of ways large and small to bring design innovation into your organization.
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    Organizational Leadership

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