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Senior Web Developer Nanodegree

Build Progressive Web Applications

Earn a Certificate

  • Nanodegree via Udacity and Google
  • $200/month for 9-12 months
  • 1:1 feedback - Rigorous, timely project and code reviews
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Senior Web Developer Nanodegree
★☆☆☆☆ (1 Review)
For intermediate front-end developers, this program helps you work efficiently to apply modern tools, frameworks, and techniques to write robust web applications.
Credential Type
Minimum 10hrs/week
9-12 months

Leaping off from where our Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program culminates, this program is expressly designed to afford intermediate developers the opportunity to build on existing front-end skills and master the newest and most innovative technologies available. If you’re a developer with experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript—or a graduate of our Front-End Developer program!—and are focused on securing a Senior Web Developer position, this curriculum path will ensure you’re supremely well-prepared to achieve your career objectives. Built in close partnership with Google, the Senior Web Developer Nanodegree program emphasizes teaching the frameworks, techniques, and tools that make the development of progressive web applications possible. Your projects will be focused on using some of the newest features available, such as Promises, Service Worker, and device-level access APIs designed to develop Progressive Web Applications. Ultimately, graduates will emerge ready not only to fill important roles, but to drive innovation and lead technology strategy.

Why Take This Nanodegree?

Developing a great user experience begins with selecting the best tools, frameworks, and technologies for the applications you’re going to build. One of the key attributes of a Senior Web Developer is the ability to analyze available toolkits and make informed decisions. As you progress through the coursework and build your projects, you’ll refine and perfect these critical abilities. Our outcome-based approach means you’re consistently building real projects throughout your studies. You receive personalized coaching, enjoy access to moderated forums, and benefit from rigorous and timely project review. Your completed projects become a part of your unique student profile, and are made available to hiring partners when you're ready to showcase your accomplishments. The expertise of our course developers and instructors, and vital contributions from an incredible roster of talent from Google, combine to ensure that students graduate from the Senior Web Developer Nanodegree program uniquely prepared to succeed in a very competitive and highly lucrative field.

Required Knowledge

* You have access to a computer with a broadband connection, on which you’ll install a professional code/text editor (ie. Sublime Text or Atom). * You have intermediate-level experience with HTML, including use of semantic markup. * You have intermediate-level experience with JavaScript, including object-oriented programming. * Students that have completed our [Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program](, or have an equivalent skillset, meet the prerequisites for this program.

☆☆☆☆☆ (0) 2 weeks Self paced
<p>Any meaningful experience on the web has a form. Whether it&#39;s a form made of text boxes, toggles, buttons, checkboxes, or touchable widgets, web developers need to be purposeful about forms to make users happy and increase <a href="">conversions</a>.</p><p>In this course, you&#39;ll learn best practices for modern forms as taught by Google&#39;s Ido Green and Udacity&#39;s Cameron Pittman. You&#39;ll practice your skills along the way with a few self-directed projects, including an e-commerce checkout and an event planner app!</p><p>As a special treat, you&#39;ll also watch a series of interviews with Luke Wroblewski, Google Product Director and author of <a href="">Web Form Design</a>, to get his take on interactions for the modern web.</p><br/><br/><b>Why Take This Course?</b><br/><p>The modern web is mobile and interactive. Thousands (maybe millions?) of websites include account creation forms and checkout forms. Websites ask you to tap buttons and fill out text boxes. They ask you for information and prompt you to take action. You fill out forms on big screens with physical keyboards and small screens with virtual keyboards.</p><p>There are millions of ways users interact with the modern web, and any website with interactions needs to do everything it can to influence the way users interact in order to ultimately increase conversions.</p><p>Building High Conversion Web Forms exists to help you, the web developer, think about forms and interactions for all of your users, no matter the form or the device. You&#39;ll practice handling user input to build forms that rock!</p>
★★★★★ (2) 3 weeks Self paced
<p>In this course, you’ll learn how to setup your development, get super productive during daily work and iteration, prevent yourself and your site from disasters and save a lot of time and effort with automatic optimization and automation. Finally, you’ll learn how to do all this while being confident your code runs on a multitude of devices in the real world.</p><br/><br/><b>Why Take This Course?</b><br/><p>Front-end developers need to work quickly and efficiently to be productive. Having a good set of tools and libraries is crucial. This course will introduce you to a opinionated set of tools and libraries to improve your workflow.</p>

1 Review.

Jaisa Ram Patel
Dropped this credential.

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