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We're launching a new, learner-guided Study Group to take Hank Green's History of Science Crash Course with learners worldwide.

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Completed Sep 13, 2021

213 learners enrolled

We're launching a new, learner-guided Study Group to take Hank Green's History of Science Crash Course with learners worldwide. The study group welcomes everyone and will include weekly Zoom sessions hosted by Fabio, our Study Group coordinator. You can find more details in our overview article. We're getting started on September 13. Come join us!

The Course

In this Study Group, we're going to be taking the online course History of Science, which is offered by Crash Course on YouTube, and taught by popular science communicator Hank Green. The course will take us on world tour to discover the history of science — from the Greek natural philosophers, to the development of medicine in the Middle East, to the Space Age, to the advent of computers. You can find a preview of the course here.

The Study Group

We're going to be taking the course over six weeks. You can expect a commitment of 2–5 hours per week. All along, we'll support each other through a dedicated discussion forum, where we'll be able to ask and reply to questions. And every week, we'll meet for a one-hour Zoom session to have a friendly chat among learners, discuss what we're learning, and motivate each other.

More Details

You can find a full overview of the History of Science Study Group in our announcement article.

Meet your Peer Coordinator

Fabio Dantas


I’m an ESL instructor working 100% online since 2019 with a background in chemical engineering.

Schedule Sep 13th, 2021 – Oct 24th, 2021

  • Week 1W1 September 13th – September 19th

    • Course Preview

    • Intro to History of Science

    • The Presocratics

    • Plato and Aristotle

    • India

    • The Americas and Time keeping

    • Roman Engineering

    • The Medieval Islamicate World

    • Medieval China

  • Week 2W2 September 20th – September 26th

    • Ancient & Medieval Medicine

    • Alchemy

    • Cathedrals and Universities

    • The Scientific Revolution

    • The New Astronomy

    • The Scientific Methods

    • The New Anatomy

    • The Columbian Exchange

  • Week 3W3 September 27th – October 3rd

    • Newton and Leibniz

    • The New Chemistry

    • Biology Before Darwin

    • Earth Science

    • The Industrial Revolution

    • Darwin and Natural Selection

    • Eugenics and Francis Galton

    • Microbiology

  • Week 4W4 October 4th – October 10th

    • Genetics

    • Thermodynamics

    • Electricity

    • Ford, Cars and a New Revolution

    • Cinema, Radio, and Television

    • The Mind/Brain

    • Marie Curie and Spooky Rays

    • Einstein's Revolution

  • Week 5W5 October 11th – October 17th

    • The Atomic Bomb

    • Biomedicine

    • Genetics and The Modern Synthesis

    • The Computer and Turing

    • Air Travel and The Space Race

    • Ecology

    • Controlling the Environment

    • Biotechnology

  • Week 6W6 October 18th – October 24th

    • Bodies and Dollars

    • The Century of the Gene

    • The Internet and Computing

    • Life and Longevity

    • Climate Science

    • The Limits of History

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