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University of Leeds

Anatomy: Know Your Abdomen

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


This course will help you identify the positions of organs within the abdomen and will introduce you to common anatomical terminology.

You will look at the anterior (front) abdominal wall, exploring how the ‘abs’ are considered in relation to health and beauty. You’ll then move on to look at the composition of the gastrointestinal tract. Focussing on common problems that can occur in this tract, you’ll hear from an abdominal surgeon about the work he does to treat and cure such problems.

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Taught by

James Pickering


4.4 rating, based on 120 reviews

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  • This class is a real treat for any curious learner. It is an inspiration to learn more about human physiology and biological sciences.

    I loved the class, which is very short, but still, covers important detail about human anatomy in simple language. Activities are interesting and most importantly, learners taking this class are amazingly curious! I truly enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone curious enough to learn about human anatomy! Great to start with learning about the abdomen and our GI tract. Truly an excellent class for everyone!
  • Profile image for ARRA
    trés souvent les phrases se répétent-temps limite pour tout apprendre avec les croquis-cela aurait était bien d'avoir un systeme de traduction pour et regarder la vidéo et lire en dessous-on aurait mieux compris
  • Anonymous
    This course has really helped me a lot. The lecturers are very precise. Lectures were so simplified and easy to understand. I wish I can give more than 5 stars.
  • For an aspiring medic, or if you wish to take a course in the field of health sciences, then look no further because this is a very reliable stepping stone to prep you for your future ambition. The course Anatomy: Knowing your abdomen is a very broad...
  • Anonymous
    The course was really easy to follow. I did think it was going to cover the entire adominal cavity, hence the reason I gave it a four star rating. Had I known it would not included e.g. positions of all the organs, connections between the organs, that is, if I'd been prepared for its limited information, I would have given it a five. It was very well presented. I particularly liked the video at the start where people on the street were asked where they thought the organs were in the abdomen and the way they were shown where they actually were. It was not condescending, but informative. The quizzes were good too.
    Wish they'd had a female dummy as I've never seen one used in anatomy classes.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course, I have started several online courses and often lost motivation part way through. This one was short enough to maintain my interest throughout but with enough information to make it worth doing and for me to feel that I have consolidated and increased my knowledge of the areas covered. It has also motivated me to look for other similarly structured courses to continue my learning. My thanks to Leeds University for running it.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent intro. Answered many questions I've wondered about regarding G.I. tract and what happens in my body when I eat. Great visuals and clear descriptions of abdominal organs and processes. Instructor and guests brilliant and able to articulate complex subject matter in an engaging and accessible manner. Thank you so much.
  • Anonymous
    This course was well structured and presented. I found the information was easy to understand but still having a quality level that was not compromised. The tutor also brought in a surgeon and a pathologist who added another dimension to the general presentation.
    I recommend this course .
  • Thankyou is too tiny to express my gratitude towards futurelearn .
    With deep reverence i Thank the entire futurelearn team for designing this informative course and reaching out and helping people who are willing to learn and invest their time in something great like this. God bless
  • Anonymous
    very good and clear presentation. The graphics, colour coded, were very helpful in identifying the various parts of abdomen. Up to this course, I admit to have taken the abdomen for granted. This short course is totally informative. I learned such a lot. I recommend it.
  • Anonymous
    A little too basic. The list of words was sadly lacking and the prof asked if we noticed any missing to please make a note ... I added lots, but never got any response. No questions answered. And lots of references made quickly and without further...
  • Anonymous
    Very easy for newbies like me to understand. I respectfully recommend this. The details in each stage and the tests at the end of each section were thrilling to know that indeed knowledge is being imparted into you. Kudos.
  • Anonymous
    This was a really informative course

    I'm really great full to the whole future Learn community

    And I'm looking forward to coming to study In the university of Leeds

    Really loved the course

    Thanks so much
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for making an excellent course. The lectures were very clear and easy to understand. Using a human model and a moulage to illustrate the organs and body parts were extremely helpful.
  • Anonymous
    This is a good cause if you’re not sure of the anatomy of the abdominal area. The lecturer explained things well and I love the video presentation. I found week 2 very interesting.
  • Anonymous
    An excellent introduction to the abdomen with good visuals and explanations aimed at the non-specialist. I found this short course both informative and enjoyable.
  • Anonymous
    Awesome! Very basic stuff taught by amazing instructors. Got to know some intesting facts and information about the abdomen. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    This is a course that will give you a detailed study about the human abdomen and organs associates with it.

    You have everything to gain
  • Anonymous
    Excellent introduction course. Always took the abdomen for granted. Learning how different parts work was fascinating. I recommend it.
  • Anonymous
    Very interesting and good, but too short for functions and other details. The teacher is good and explains clearly the subjects.

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