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University of Maryland, College Park

Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1

University of Maryland, College Park via Coursera


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This course introduces you to the design and implementation of Android applications for mobile devices. You will develop an app from scratch, assuming a basic knowledge of Java, and learn how to set up Android Studio, work with various Activities and create simple user interfaces to make your apps run smoothly.


  • Android Platform and Development Environment
  • Application Fundamentals and the Activity Class
  • Intents, Permissions, and Fragments
  • User Interface Classes
  • Build From Scratch Assignment

Taught by

Adam Porter


4.2 rating, based on 41 Class Central reviews

4.6 rating at Coursera based on 677 ratings

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  • Dean
    This course suffers from a fundamentally flawed approach to teaching Android development. It tries to teach Android development through lectures instead of having students write Android applications. While the production quality of these lectures…
  • Dr. Porter is a fine lecturer and the course is well organized. Unfortunately, the course also presents dated material and uses Eclipse--which is no longer supported by Google as an Android IDE. If you're working for a for-profit company more than…
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. The video lectures were clear and provided a very good overview of the topics.
    I found the labs were very difficult. The lectures gave you an overview but the labs were in the details. The lectures did not give you enough so you had to go hunting in the online documentation. While that is fine in general, many times I was directed to very high level documentation. I often felt I was left to try random code snippets without a clear understanding of what or why. Overall I think the gap between the lectures and coding was too large and left too much unclear.
  • I've attended many other courses and training courses ( non-academic) trying to learn android development, technical tutorials wasn't suffeicient to get me up and running , I've attended (Creative , Playful Android ) which took about 8 weeks which I believe really prepare me for this course. but this course put me on the right track , right now am able to build an application from the ground even things I didn't take in the lecture.
    am very thankful for Dr.Adam and every one how helped in this course.
    Thanks , and keep moving forward.
  • Anonymous
    The course is perfectly organized, very precise, well spoken, covers everything for a new android developer to start a new career in mobile development. It takes from grounds up. I am still in middle of course, but can't wait to rate this class. I have been on youtube researching tones of good android course to make my definite move. At last I found very well explained course on net and good part is eventually it to get recognized certificate too.
  • Anonymous
    Boring and outdated lectures. Def not the right way to learn Android app development. I'd recommend serious learners to directly start by following the training material on the official Android documentation site: . If you prefer video lectures then the Udacity courses listed in their Nanodegree curriculum are the best. They are co-produced by Google engineers.
  • The course is quite challenging for a beginner but will leave you with a taste of the immense world of Android Programming. I really liked how the structure of this class is provided. Everything is well organized and well explained. The weekly projects (for which you have two weeks btw) are not very hard to accomplish but you will need some research on some subjects if you are not familiar with Android concepts.
  • Profile image for Maziar Mehrabi
    Maziar Mehrabi
    I used to struggle a lot in learning Android before I took these courses. Prof. A. Porter explains everything clearly and the studying facilities provided by Coursera platform such as discussion forums and peer assessments makes the learning process much easier. Moreover, the course material gets updated in respect to Android Studio, Eclipse and the latest APIs when necessary.
  • This course makes learning to program Android apps easy and funny. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has absolutely no background on mobile development (as me) and wants to start quickly but on solid knowledge. It’s a super course and Pr Porter excels at explaining all the concepts.
  • Anonymous
    The technology used was outdated. No android studio and it was hard to follow because of this. I think the professor knows what he's talking about, but needs to update his videos to make thing up-to-date.
  • Jerome Vonk
    I learned a lot. Of course it is expected that you’ll have to figure out some things at your own. Nevertheless, it is good stuff.
  • Thanks Mr. Porter. It is the best course ever. The explanations were crystal clear and I have learned a lot here.
  • Aziz Houari
    Salut, c la première fois que je utilise les cours a distance, et j'espère d'apprendre le maximum, ce site classe centrale j ai le trouvé de la part un ami très proche à moi
  • Sagar
    This program is very useful for me. I have learned lots of new ideas and really, I got more functions and much other helpful information from this course.
  • Dmitri
    This Course is suitable for people who already know Java SE. That is an important thing. Once you know it, all the Course would be a pleasure to participate in. The video lectures are perfect. The exercises are not very difficult. I would suggest to study all examples. There is a real code that you can use in your projects.

    P.S. I've done all homeworks in Android Studio. There is no problems to use it!
    But I suggest to the course stuff either implement their lectures using Android Studio or make a topic with all directions step-by-step about migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio.
  • Erick
    I had programmed before with Android. But in this class I learned that I did not know the fundamentals about Android. This first part of the course has complimented my knowledge about Android. I will continue studying the remains of the courses, of course.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course!! These courses gave me a great revision, corrected some of my concepts, and taught me a lot more new materials. I recommend this course to those who want to challenge themselves. Thanks Prof Porter and team.
  • Profile image for Cláudio Tereso
    Cláudio Tereso
    I had a hard time following the course, it takes a lot of time.
    In the end it looks that I didn't learn a lot :(
    Let's go to the second part and hope that more ground is achieved.
  • César García Pécora
    The course was really helpful, it introduced me to the Android world like no other course did in the past. I will do the whole Specialization as the other courses seem to be great too.
  • Andrei Razvan Maresu

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