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Building Interactive User Interfaces Using React Library

NIIT StackRoute via Coursera


A frontend application is expected to have an attractive, responsive UI and a seamless UX with swift navigable views. Single Page Applications (SPAs) fulfill these expectations as they are lighter and efficient. React, a popular JavaScript library is used for developing complex user interfaces for single page applications (SPAs). Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb etc., are some of the famous websites that use React.
In this course, you will learn to construct an SPA by developing reusable and testable React Class components. The library helps you explore React features that enhance the performance of web applications by enabling partial page updates.


  • Get Started with React Fundamentals
    • React element is the fundamental building block used for developing React SPAs. As a developer, you will be expected to create the stateless functional components of React using the React elements. In this learning sprint, you will explore the techniques used to render React elements conditionally, along with the techniques used to render multiple components. Hands-on practice provided during this learning sprint will enable you to add React to the existing websites and create functional components using the React elements.
  • Build Stateful Components using React
    • Interactive React web pages require stateful components to manage their own state which can be even pass down to its child components using props. As a developer, you will be required to create stateful components to accept user inputs, to add elements which are interactive and fetch data before rendering.
      In this learning sprint , you will learn to create React class components and manage state by handling events. You will explore the concept of virtual DOM and reconciliation. Hands-on practice will help you to build stateful class components with better code readability using JSX syntax.
  • Break the UI into a Component Hierarchy
    • Single Page Applications created on component-based-approach scales well as the components can be reused. While developing an SPA, the first step is to identify components and build its hierarchy. As a front-end developer, you will be required to identify and create reusable components for the React web application. In this learning sprint, you will explore the principles required to break down a user interface into a component hierarchy. You will also learn how to share data between multiple components. Hands-on practice will help you to acquire skills to create React projects quickly using the create-react-app tool which offers a modern build setup with no configuration.
  • Manage Application State using Life Cycle Methods
    • State management is a complex process that requires clear understanding of a component’s life cycle. To efficiently manage state at various phases in the life of component, a front-end developer is expected to have skills to work effortlessly with the life cycle methods of the React component.
      In this learning sprint, you will learn about the different life cycle methods that help monitor and manipulate the React class components. Hands-on exercises provided with this sprint enables you to manage the component state while fetching data from the server and to handle the JavaScript errors.
  • Test React Class Components using Jest
    • Testing is an integral process of development as it helps in identifying defects/bugs during the early stages of development. Unit testing involves testing of individual components of the software program or application. As a React developer, the components should be adequately tested for correctness, completeness and performance.
      In this learning sprint, you will learn to write test code for testing React class components using Jest framework. Hands-on exercises of this sprint will help you to explore common testing patterns for writing test codes. The exercises will enable you to write test cases for various state management scenarios.

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