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Business Analytics Course

via Hubspot Academy


Data can be used throughout an organization in a variety of ways. So whether you're an executive, manager, or individual contributor, this course can help you skill up in the different areas of data literacy. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of what it means to be a data-driven business, how to collect business data, how to manage business data, and how to align your team around this data. You'll end with an overview of how to tell the story of your business's data to prove a business case. 
  • Understand and solve business problems with data-driven decision making.
  • Use storytelling to prove a case with data.
  • Collect and manage meaningful business data.


  • Fundamentals of a Data-Driven Business
    • Inbound is a constant balancing act between adapting to the needs of your customers and innovating to grow and scale your business. How do you know if you're being proactive enough? Is your personalization really resonating with leads, prospects, and customers? The answers lie in your data. In this lesson, learn how to plan and implement a data strategy that ensures your business goals and decisions are data-driven.
  • Collecting Meaningful Business Data
    • Integrations solve and simplify your need for new software as your business grows and evolves, and your needs change. You can power your business to achieve a wider range of tasks on your software as you enhance its functionality by leveraging integrations. In this lesson, learn when and how use integrations, the benefits of connecting your apps, and how this solves for your data needs down the line.
  • Managing Your Business Data in HubSpot
    • In today's world, it is easier than ever to start a company, but harder than ever to scale a company. As your business becomes more complex, so does the integrated stack of software you use. The sooner you think critically about how to manage your data, the easier it becomes to manage complexity down the road. In the lesson, learn how to clean and organize your data in HubSpot and how to build custom properties that scale with your reporting needs.
  • Aligning Your Team Around Data
    • We live in a data-driven world. It's impossible for organizations to come to conclusions without the use of accurate data. This is because it's no longer enough to make decisions based on what we believe to be correct. To stay competitive, everything must be rooted in fact and backed up by numbers to support the choices we make. In this lesson, learn the basics of reporting and analysis and how to use both to avoid silos from forming at your organization.
  • Using Storytelling to Prove a Case with Data
    • Storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate something to your audience. While everyone can tell a story, certain people fine-tune their storytelling skills and become a storyteller on behalf of their organization, brand, or business. In this lesson, learn how to craft a compelling case for any audience using data and storytelling.
  • Business Analytics Course Next Steps
    • Learn what to do after the Business Analytics course.


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