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Business Analytics

Mode and Tableau via Udacity Nanodegree


This program is for anyone who wishes to gain foundational data skills that are applicable to virtually all fields. You’ll learn to collect, organize, and analyze data with Excel and SQL; build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes; and visualize and communicate your findings using Tableau. This program is an ideal choice whether you’re just getting started with data, are interested in applying data skills to your current role, or plan to pursue further studies or career goals.
Gain foundational data skills applicable to any industry. Collect and analyze data, model business scenarios, and communicate your findings with SQL, Excel, and Tableau.


  • Welcome to the Program
    • Meet your instructors and learn how to optimize your classroom. Learn how people use data to answer questions, and find your own insights from a data dashboard.
  • Introduction to Data
    • Learn how to use statistics and visuals to find and communicate insights. Develop Excel skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in a spreadsheet. Build Excel models to analyze possible business outcomes.
  • SQL for Data Analysis
    • Learn to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in databases.
  • Data Visualization
    • Learn to apply design and visualization principles to create impactful data visualizations, build data dashboards, and tell stories with data.

Taught by

Josh Bernhard , Dana Sheahan, Mat Leonard, Derek Steer, Sam Nelson, Tamim N., Ayushi J., Vikki V., Jaldeep B., Andrew M. and Eefje S.


5.0 rating, based on 18 Class Central reviews

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  • Profile image for Bia Andersson
    Bia Andersson
    The lessons and knowledge you gain from each day you study are invaluable. I have taken many courses in programming, but I must admit that nano degrees in Business Analytics - which is my next career goal - are without a doubt the best I have taken. I look forward to more nano degrees at Udacity.
  • Daniel Velez
    I was thinking about which course to choose to gain new skills and start a career in the data world and as I had no experience, I decided to start with the basics. The Business Analytics course is great, from the beginning I felt like I was learning, they share real cases, experiences and clearly define the context in which the subject is focused. The concepts are learned progressively, and with exercises to practice. One of my favourite parts of the course is the summaries and reviews of the theory given in the videos. I'm already saving up to buy the next Nanodegree, because education is always a good investment. :)
  • Anonymous
    Business Analytics Nanodegree Program at UDACITY
    This program, like many others on this amazing platform, is great.
    I'm overjoyed with how well I've been doing so far.
    everything is going swimmingly
  • Anonymous
    I love the projects and reviews. I love the platform and how well the program is structured. I'll complete the data analytics and data science nano degrees after this one.
  • Anonymous
    I love this project phase. It's helping me do visualization and interpretation of data, something I really enjoy doing!
  • Profile image for Olalere Oluwatosin
    Olalere Oluwatosin
    "It's been amazing and at the same time, very challenging. I have had to stretch my mental capacity a lot for the projects, and I totally love it! The organization is top-notch too, and the efforts put in by the instructors to deliver the lessons are totally appreciated. And yes, another shade of Udacity I have witnessed in recent times is the promptness in responding to the projects and questions in the Mentor's section. It's very commendable! Well done, Udacity!"
  • Anonymous
    "Hello! I am a doctor and I am trying to change my profession in IT. It is a little difficult for me to take this course because my English is in the process and I have to review each lecture several times, but this does not interfere with understanding and solving the assigned tasks, since the lectures are structured correctly and everything is clear for a novice specialist. Hope to complete this course successfully with your help!"
  • Anonymous
    I would first like to thank Udacity as a whole. I did my first report project and it was successful. The review was done within two hours. From the recommendations, it was very clear that our tutors check the project keenly. This is because the recommendations and corrections are very relevant to the project I had done. Can't wait to submit my second Project for review. This is wonderful!!
  • Anonymous
    Great! I'm impressed with the set-up and process. Although, I come with some existing skills related to the courses, I'm learning many new things. Absorbing the concepts are a big plus. The method of breaking down item by item only to build up to the final result is working well with me and my learning style.
  • Anonymous
    This program has been quite interesting so far, has helped me to get back in contact with terms I hadn’t use in a long time and has helped me to discover new areas of interest. Recommended to all those who want to dig deeper in the data-based decision making.
  • Anonymous
    The Business Analytics Nanodegree program is excellent. It has matched my needs and expectations.

    I took a project that was challenging, through adequate instruction, integration to the best software and good instructors, I was able to complete it.
  • Anonymous
    Very informative and impacting. Also, being a able to have my projects reviewed is amazing. The analogies used all through the course are easily relatable and go a long way in enabling even a beginner follow easily all through the course.
  • Anonymous
    Everything is going very well. I try to follow my scheduled plan, as much as I can. For now, this course 100% matched with my needs and expectations. I'm looking forward for next classes and projects.
  • Anonymous
    I am increasingly finding Udacity's process of teaching as a highly effective method to educate. Thank you Udacity for creating a user experience that is smooth, engaging, and even a little fun!
  • Anonymous
    "Learning on Udacity is something I will recommend to anyone. The theories and projects help to acquire industries skills at ease"
  • Profile image for Ayomide Enoch Fadeyi
    Ayomide Enoch Fadeyi
    The program has been awesome so far.

    It really meets my need as a practising financial data analyst.
  • Anonymous
    The learning process is going okay. I am already learning a lot and the whole process is meeting expectations
  • Anonymous
    "It is easy to comprehend and flow trough the information and steps to complete the projects on time."

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