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Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix

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From beginners to experienced web developers, Wix offers a wide range of solutions to quickly create a website that you can proudly share.

## Why Create a Professional Website with Wix?
With [Wix]( you can create a site that fits your needs in no time. Wix offers a huge range of expertly designed templates that you can drag and drop onto your webpage with an intuitive editor. Even better, Wix's Velo development platform empowers ambitious users to create completely original features with basic JavaScript. Wix takes care of the legwork, like styling and setting up a development environment, so you can focus on what matters: turning the designs and user experience you envision into reality. So if you want to create a website with ease by dragging and dropping, challenge yourself to create a full-stack application with JavaScript, or do anything in between, **Create a Professional Website with Velo by Wix** is for you.

## Outcomes
* Master Wix's drag-and-drop editor
* Learn foundational JavaScript
* Use JavaScript to power features of your own creation
* Streamline development with Wix's built-in methods
* Create a backend to store and interact with data
* Make API calls to external resources
* Build a fullstack application on Wix


  • Introduction to Wix: Get up and running with a Wix account and scratch the surface with what you can build!
    • Article: Building Websites with Wix
    • Article: Setting up a Wix Account
    • Article: Getting Started with the Wix Editor
    • Project: Making a Résumé Site with the Wix Editor
  • Introduction to JavaScript and Velo: Get started with JavaScript basics to use in your Wix sites.
    • Article: Why Learn JavaScript for Velo?
    • Lesson: Introduction to JavaScript
    • Lesson: Variables
    • Quiz: Introduction to JavaScript
    • Article: Working in the Code Panel
    • Project: Variables: Storing Info
  • Learn JavaScript: Conditionals, Functions, and Scope: Continue with JavaScript foundations with conditionals, functions, and scope.
    • Article: Overview of Conditionals, Functions, and Scope
    • Lesson: Conditional Statements
    • Quiz: Conditional Statements Quiz
    • Lesson: Functions
    • Quiz: Functions Quiz
    • Lesson: Scope
    • Quiz: Scope Quiz
    • Article: What is the $w Selector
    • Project: Conditionals: The Great Outdoors
  • Interactivity in Velo: Dive deeper into the Wix ecosystem and learn how to select elements, use built-in functions and methods, and create a lightbox.
    • Article: Wix Built-in Methods and Functions
    • Article: Wix Lightbox
    • Project: Event Listeners and Selectors: See the Sale
  • Learn JavaScript: Arrays and Iteration: Create arrays to store your information and learn how to iterate over these collections.
    • Article: Using Arrays to Group Data
    • Lesson: Arrays
    • Quiz: Arrays Quiz
    • Lesson: Loops
    • Quiz: Loops Quiz
    • Lesson: Higher-Order Functions
    • Lesson: Iterators
    • Quiz: Iterators Quiz
    • Project: Arrays: RGB Generator
  • Learn JavaScript: Objects: Expand your programming knowledge with objects!
    • Article: Represent Everyday Things with Objects
    • Lesson: Objects
    • Quiz: Objects
    • Project: Objects: Recipe Sieve
  • Working with Data: Find out how Wix makes it easy to work with collections of data.
    • Article: What is a Database?
    • Article: Dataset Basics
    • Article: Setting Up a Dataset
    • Article: Connecting Page Elements to a Dataset
    • Article: Creating Dynamic Pages
    • Project: Datasets: National Parks Adventures
  • Learn JavaScript: Asynchronous Actions: Take advantage of one of JavaScript's prominent features: asynchronous actions.
    • Article: Why Learn Asynchronous JavaScript?
    • Lesson: JavaScript Promises
    • Quiz: JavaScript Promises
    • Article: What is Async and Await?
    • Lesson: Async Await
    • Quiz: Async Await
  • Implementing the Backend: Wix makes it easy to set up a backend that's compatible with your frontend.
    • Lesson: What is the Back-end?
    • Article: Setting Up a Backend
    • Article: Wix Data Module
    • Project: Pulling Data: Pizza Presenter
  • Making a Fullstack Application with Velo: Combine your knowledge of JavaScript and Wix to create a fullstack application!
    • Article: Piecing It All Together
    • Article: Wix .fetch
    • Article: HTTP Requests
    • Article: HTTP Requests in Velo
    • Project: Fullstack Dev: Travel Time
    • Article: Up Next on Velo


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