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Fundamentals of Operating Systems

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Learn about operating systems by taking a deep dive into each of its main functionalities.

### Why Fundamentals of Operating Systems?

The moment a computer is turned on, the operating system is hard at work managing every aspect of a computer. With the responsibility of seamlessly managing hardware and software systems, computer memory, process scheduling, and more, the operating system may be the most vital software a computer runs. This course is for anyone who is curious about what makes a computer fast, functional, and easy to use.

### Take-Away Skills

This course will take a deep dive into the main functionalities of an operating system to gain a better understanding of how it impacts the experience of a user. The course will cover content such as:
* What is an operating system?
* Process and thread management
* Synchronization and deadlock
* Memory management techniques
* Filesystem management
* Input/Output systems


  • Introduction to Operating Systems: Learn about how computers process data, the important hardware in every computer, and the basic functionalities of an operating system.
    • Introduction: Fundamentals of Operating Systems
    • How Computers Work
    • Important Hardware
    • Basics of Operating Systems

  • Processes and Threads: Learn about how processes and threads work in an operating system.
    • Processes and Threads
    • Processes and Threads

  • Process Scheduling: Learn how process scheduling is used to manage multiple active processes!
    • Process Scheduling
    • Process Scheduling

  • Synchronization: Learn about synchronization and how it organizes the use of shared data amongst threads.
    • Synchronization
    • Deadlocks
    • Synchronization Quiz

  • Memory Management: Learn about the techniques the operating system uses to manage memory.
    • Memory Management
    • Memory Management

  • Filesystems: Learn about how the operating system uses filesystems to store, organize, and retrieve data.
    • Filesystems
    • Filesystems

  • IO Systems: Learn about how the operating system manages IO devices.
    • Introduction to IO Systems
    • IO Hardware
    • IO Software
    • IO Systems Quiz


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