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Learn Intermediate JavaScript

via Codecademy


Take your JavaScript knowledge to the next level!

### Why Learn Intermediate JavaScript?

You've learned the programming fundamentals using the latest JavaScript syntax to create dynamic web apps, but you want to do more! With Intermediate JavaScript, you'll understand how to incorporate JavaScript in bigger and more complex web apps using concepts such as classes, promises, async/await, and requests.

### Take-Away Skills

By the end of this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of how JavaScript runs in the browser including currying, hoisting, and concurrency. You will also learn how to structure large-scale web apps using classes and modules, and how to increase the efficiency of your apps using asynchronous functions.

### Note on Prerequisites

We recommend that you complete [Learn JavaScript]( before starting Learn Intermediate JavaScript.


  • Welcome to Learn Intermediate JavaScript: Learn about what Intermediate JavaScript has in store!
    • Welcome to Learn Intermediate JavaScript

  • Classes: Learn how to create classes and use inheritance to minimize redundancy in your code.
    • Classes
    • Build a Library
    • School Catalogue
    • Classes

  • Modules: Learn how to use JavaScript modules, a way to define reusable logic in your programs.
    • Introduction to JavaScript Runtime Environments
    • Implementing Modules in Node
    • Message Mixer
    • Implementing Modules using ES6 Syntax
    • WorkAround Explorer
    • Modules

  • Promises: Learn how to write asynchronous JavaScript with the Promises Syntax.
    • JavaScript Promises
    • JavaScript Promises

  • Async-Await: Learn about asynchronous programming and leverage promises in JavaScript.
    • Async Await
    • Async Await

  • Requests: In this course, you will learn the benefits of asynchronous JavaScript properties. You will create calls to various APIs using four different techniques.
    • HTTP Requests
    • Requests I
    • Requests II
    • Wanderlust
    • JavaScript Requests Quiz I
    • JavaScript Requests Quiz II

  • JavaScript Under the Hood: Learn how JavaScript works under the hood.
    • Currying in JavaScript
    • Hoisting in JavaScript
    • Concurrency Model and Event Loop in JavaScript
    • Introduction to Memory Management in JavaScript
    • Debugging Memory Issues in JavaScript

  • JavaScript Best Practices: Learn about best practices and design patterns in JavaScript.
    • Design Patterns in JavaScript

  • Next Steps: You've completed the Learn Intermediate JavaScript course! What's next?
    • Learn Intermediate JavaScript: Next Steps


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