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Learn Swift

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A powerful programming language developed by Apple for iOS, macOS, and more.

#### Why Learn Swift?

Swift is a powerful programming language that is easy and also fun to learn. Its code is safe by design, yet also produces software that runs lightning-fast. It is used to build apps for iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and Linux.

#### Take-Away Skills

This course will start with the fundamental programming concepts before digging deeper into the more advanced Swift topics. You will build everything from a Magic 8-Ball to a Caesar Cipher.

#### Course Creators

- **Curriculum:** Sonny Li
- **Curriculum:** Kenny Lin
- **Curriculum:** Galina Podstrechnaya
- **Curriculum:** Alex DiStasi
- **Art:** Tim Liedtke


  • Hello World: Write and run your very first Swift program!
    • Lesson: Hello World
    • Quiz: Hello World
    • Project: Block Letters
    • Article: Running Hello World Locally (Xcode & Terminal)
  • Variables: Introduction to variables and basic data types.
    • Lesson: Variables
    • Quiz: Variables
    • Project: Dog Years
    • Project: Quadratic Formula
    • Project: Piggy Bank
  • Conditionals & Logic: Learn how to develop complex programs in Swift with conditionals and logical operators.
    • Lesson: Conditionals
    • Quiz: Conditionals
    • Lesson: Logical Operators
    • Quiz: Logical Operators
    • Project: Magic 8-Ball
  • Loops: Make the most repetitive tasks easier by learning Swift loops!
    • Lesson: Loops
    • Quiz: Loops
    • Project: Whale Talk
    • Project: 99 Bottles of Milk
    • Project: Fizz Buzz
  • Arrays & Sets: Learn how to use Swift arrays and sets to keep your data organized.
    • Lesson: Arrays
    • Quiz: Arrays
    • Project: Make a Mixtape 101
    • Project: Palindrome
    • Project: Caesar's Cipher
    • Lesson: Sets
    • Quiz: Sets
    • Project: School Roster
  • Dictionaries: Learn how to store pairs of data using the dictionary collection type.
    • Lesson: Dictionaries
    • Article: What are Tuples?
    • Quiz: Dictionaries
    • Article: if-let Statements
    • Project: Morse Decoder
  • Functions: In this module, you will learn how to write and interact with functions in Swift.
    • Lesson: Functions
    • Quiz: Functions
    • Project: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Structures: Model everyday objects using structures!
    • Lesson: Structures
    • Quiz: Structures
    • Project: Structured Gym Regimen
  • Classes: Model everyday objects using classes!
    • Lesson: Classes
    • Quiz: Classes
    • Project: Build a Pokédex


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