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Adobe Lightroom Classic Fundamentals

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  • Import, organize, and filter your images in Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Use all of the tools in the development module to edit your images.
  • Master advanced skills such as creating and importing presets, using color profiles, creating panoramas and HDR images, and fixing exposure and white balance automatically.
  • Use advanced portrait editing techniques to enhance your portrait images.
  • Navigate the map, book, slideshow, web, and print modules.


With visual content being such a huge part of our daily lives, being able to edit exquisite images like a pro is an in-demand skill that can skyrocket your career.

From importing and organizing photographs and using the tools in the development module to exporting high-quality images, this class covers everything you need to know to edit great-looking, impactful photographs.

The class also includes several complete edit process examples to demonstrate different styles of editing from start to finish. Join world-renowned expert, Phil Ebiner, as you go from absolute beginner to advanced Lightroom Classic CC user.

Note: This class is for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and not Adobe Lightroom CC


  • How to organize your images using collections, ratings, flags, filters, and face tags
  • How to crop and rotate your images as well as correct white balance, exposure, color, and saturation
  • How to work with sharpening, noise reduction, lens corrections, and split tones
  • How to apply graduated, radial, and brush adjustments, and work with range masks
  • How to fix blemishes, whiten teeth, enhance eyes, change eye color and lipstick, contour faces, remove wrinkles, and smooth skin
  • How to edit in different styles including night edits, portraits, products, nature, action, landscape, travel, architecture, aerial and much more


  • People who have no to little experience with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
  • Influencers and brands who use photographs and want to elevate their content
  • Videographers, cinematographers, photographers and editors who want to learn how to edit images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
  • E-commerce businesses who want to edit product shots for their websites
  • Portrait photographers who want to learn basic portrait retouching
  • Creative professionals who want to diversify their skillset
  • People who need a refresher class on Adobe Lightroom Classic’s features
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
  • Beginner to Intermediate


Adobe Lightroom Classic CC


Professional video and class creator, photographer and teacher to 1mil+ students. Phil has 10+ years of professional experience in the world of video & photography. He has created 1000+ videos and award-winning documentaries, and works from his home studio near LA.


  • Class Introduction
  • Importing
  • Organizing with Collections
  • Rating, Flagging, and Filtering
  • Face Tagging
  • Quiz: Importing, Organizing and Filtering
  • Crop and Rotate in Lightroom Classic CC
  • White Balance in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Exposure in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Color and Saturation in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Sharpening and Noise Reduction in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Vignettes, Grain and Dehaze in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Exporting in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Lens Corrections in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Split Tone in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Removing Blemishes with the Heal and Clone Tools in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Graduated, Radial and Brush Adjustments in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Adjustment Brush Presets in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Range Masks in Lightroom Classic CC
  • Quiz: Editing Your Photos - The Develop Module
  • Using, Creating, and Importing Presets
  • Color Profiles
  • Speed Up Your Editing Workflow
  • Panorama
  • HDR
  • Automatically Fix Exposure & White Balance
  • CC 2020 Updates
  • Quiz: Editing Your Photos - Advanced Tips & Techniques
  • Enhance Eyes and Change Eye Color
  • Whitening Teeth
  • Smoothing Skin
  • Removing Wrinkles
  • Enhancing Lips & Changing Lipstick Color
  • Enhancing Cheeks & Face Contouring
  • Full Portrait Edit
  • Quiz: Advanced Portrait Editing Techniques
  • Portrait of a Woman
  • Night Edit
  • Long Exposure
  • Product Photo
  • Nature
  • Action
  • Landscape
  • Travel
  • Couples Portrait
  • Architecture Photo
  • Aerial Photo
  • Street Photo
  • Macro Photo
  • Pet Photo
  • Maternity Couple Photo
  • Interior Nursery
  • Portrait of a Man
  • Sports Photo
  • Quiz: Full Photo Editing Sessions
  • The Map Module
  • The Book Module
  • The Slideshow Module
  • The Print Module
  • The Web Module
  • Quiz: Map, Book, Slideshow, Print & Web Modules
  • Conclusion and Thank You
  • Final Quiz

Taught by

Philip Ebiner


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