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Environmental Portrait Photography

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  • Confidently create environmental portraits
  • Light any portrait, indoors or outdoors
  • Compose strong environmental portraits
  • Cull and polish high-end images in post
  • Develop a portfolio and marketing tactics


Create dramatic images anywhere by mastering on-location scouting, planning, lighting, and composition. Join professional photographer Dan Brouillette in a start-to-finish course on the art of environmental portraits. From planning and scouting to post-processing and portfolio building, gain the skills to shoot high-end portraits, anywhere. While designed for environmental portrait work, this class is also for any photographer that wants to create better light, on location.

In this light-intensive course, learn how to craft environmental portraits using photographic lighting techniques working with both natural light and studio lighting equipment. Work with multi-light strobe set-ups and natural window light to turn difficult lighting conditions into beautiful light. Then, learn how to mix natural light and studio lights for dramatic effects that complement the scene. By incorporating light in new and inventive ways, Dan will help you push the boundaries of your portraits and improve your workflow.

Finally, work with culling and post-processing. Learn how to polish images using a combination of Capture One, Photoshop, and Alien Skin software. Then, gain insight into building a portfolio and marketing your work to work in editorial and commercial areas for environmental portraiture.


  • Budding portrait photographers
  • On-location portrait photographers
  • Photographers eager to learn on-location lighting
  • Photographers branching into commercial and editorial work


Capture One 11, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, Alien Skin 2018


Dan Brouillette's high-end editorial style has lead to work with celebrities from Anne Hathaway to Scarlett Johansson. A commercial, editorial and senior photographer based in Nebraska, he's known for giving everyday people the Hollywood look. His previous work as a lighting technician helped him build his signature style using dramatic lighting techniques typically used for commercial work. With an insightful and easy listening teaching style, he helps photographers learn to craft with light.


  • Class Introduction
  • Introduction to The Environmental Portrait
  • Environmental Portrait Purpose
  • Personal Work
  • Find Your Process
  • Tethering
  • Purpose For Action Editorial
  • Prepare for Shoot
  • Action Editorial Process
  • Set Up Action Editorial Shoot
  • Shoot: Action Editorial With Athlete
  • Studio Portrait Shoot Overview
  • Shoot: Athletic Studio Portrait
  • Shoot: Manipulate Light to Mimic The Sun
  • Shoot: Change Background Color With Light
  • Shoot: Create Soft Light with Umbrella
  • Shoot: Create Intentional Shadows
  • Shoot: Action Shots In Studio
  • Review Images in Capture One
  • Raw Processing
  • File Handling
  • Retouching & Color Overview
  • Retouch Images in Capture One
  • Retouch Images in Photoshop
  • Retouch Images With Presets
  • Advertising Vs. Editorial
  • Indoor Location Shoot
  • Indoor Location Shoot Process
  • Get to Know Your Subject
  • Test & Frame Your Shot
  • Create Natural Light
  • Natural Light & Alternate Light
  • How to Shoot Indoor Location Portrait
  • Indoor Shoot Results
  • Outdoor Location Shoot Goals
  • Indoor/Outdoor Light Setup
  • Studio Light On Location
  • Create Location Portrait
  • Outdoor Shoot Results
  • Post Processing Overview
  • Choose Selects & Sort Images From Indoor Shoot
  • Edit Raw Images from Indoor Shoot
  • Finish Images in Photoshop & Alien Skin
  • Portfolio Management
  • Importance of Website
  • Marketing 101
  • What About Reps?
  • Bring it All Together

Taught by

Dan Brouillette

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