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Photographing Challenging Features

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Photographers are tasked with flattering every subject that steps in front of their lens. Typically, those subjects are everyday people, not professional models. This can mean working with some challenging features along with varying degrees of confidence. Canon Explorer of Light and well-known fashion photographer Lindsay Adler walks through understanding the face and body as well as the photographic tools available to you make your clients best side shine. These features could range from a pronounced nose, large forehead, glasses, asymmetrical features, or defined wrinkles. In this course Lindsay will walk you through: 
  • How to analyze a face and draw attention to the strengths within it 
  • Posing and lighting techniques for challenging facial features 
  • Posing and lighting techniques for the skin and body 
  • Retouching tips for skin, glasses or discolored teeth 
This course will cover many challenging features and show you how posing, camera angles, lens choice and lighting can work together to help you have confidence in every shoot.


  • Class Introduction
  • Analyzing the Face
  • Light and Skin
  • Science of Light
  • Direction of Light
  • Fill Light
  • Demo and Shoot: Analyzing the Face
  • Demo and Shoot: Distance of Light
  • Demo and Shoot: Distance from Subject
  • Round Face Considerations
  • Shoot: Round Face
  • Double Chin Considerations
  • Shoot: Double Chin
  • Shoot: Big Forehead
  • Big Forehead Considerations
  • Pronounced Nose Considerations
  • Shoot: Pronounced Nose Considerations
  • Uneven Features Considerations
  • Shoot: Uneven Features
  • Shoot: Large or Small Chin
  • Pronounced Wrinkles Considerations
  • Shoot: Pronounced Wrinkles
  • Shoot: Uneven Skin
  • Oily Skin Considerations
  • Shoot: Oily Skin
  • No Curves Considerations
  • Shoot: No Curves
  • Full Figured Subject Considerations
  • Shoot: Full Figured Subject
  • Shoot: Glasses
  • Balding Considerations
  • Shoot: Balding
  • Retouching: Wrinkles
  • Retouching: Uneven Skin
  • Retouching: Brighten Face & Whiten Teeth
  • Retouching: Large Forehead
  • Retouching: Round Face
  • Retouching: Oily Skin
  • Retouching: Full Figured Subject

Taught by

Lindsay Adler


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