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Introduction to Bash Scripting

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Bash scripting allows you to build analytics pipelines in the cloud and work with data stored across multiple files.

Bash is a concise, superfast, and robust scripting language for data and file manipulation. It’s a vital skill for building analytics pipelines in the cloud, favored by Linux users to work with data stored across multiple files.

In this course, we’ll guide you through the basics of Bash scripting. We begin with an introduction to Bash script structures, including inputting arguments and outputting results. You’ll then work through data structures, such as variables and arrays, and control statements, including loops and conditionals. You’ll then put what you’ve learned into practice, by creating your own Bash functions and scheduling automated scripts to run like clockwork with cron.


From Command-Line to Bash Script
-Save yourself time when performing complex repetitive tasks. You’ll begin this course by refreshing your knowledge of common command-line programs and arguments before quickly moving into the world of Bash scripting. You’ll create simple command-line pipelines and then transform these into Bash scripts. You’ll then boost your skills and learn about standard streams and feeding arguments to your Bash scripts.

Variables in Bash Scripting
-Master the bread and butter of Bash scripts—variables! In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create basic string and numeric variables, and perform calculations on these variables. You’ll also learn about the magic of a shell-within-a-shell (shell-ception), opening up huge opportunities for advanced scripting.

Control Statements in Bash Scripting
-Life isn't always linear and neither should your Bash scripts. In this chapter, you’ll take your Bash scripts to the next level by learning control statements. You’ll learn the differences between FOR, WHILE, IF, and CASE statements and how to use them in your Bash scripts. Armed with these new tools, you’ll be ready to create more advanced Bash scripts with conditional logic.

Functions and Automation
-Give your Bash scripts a powerful new addition by building useful functions to process data and variables. In this last chapter, you will learn the structure of functions in Bash, how to use functions to help automate frequent tasks, and program your scripts to run on schedule without needing to even lift a finger.

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Alex Scriven

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