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Dermatology: Trip to skin

Novosibirsk State University via Coursera

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We invite you to the amazing trip to the skin.

You will learn about the structure and functions of your skin, how does it change and interact with the environment. In our course, we will talk about different skin diseases, as well as how to treat them.

This course will be interesting not only for people from the medical field but also for those who are interested in their health and their skin. Let's take a trip to the skin together!

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  • Trip to skin: its structure and functions
    • In this module we will discuss the structure of the largest human organ: our skin. We will learn about horizontal and vertical skin structures and their functions, and find out how dermatologists perform the ultra-sound examination of the skin, and what can they see
  • How does the skin interact with the environment?
    • In this module you will learn how the skin interacts with the environment, and how you can protect your skin from the consequences of these interactions. We will discuss the effects of radiation, cold temperatures, water, air humidity and plants on our skin, and will give some hints about the proper skin care.
  • Skin in different ages
    • In this module we will talk about the skin issues specific to different ages, starting from infants. We will discuss the skin of shildren and adults, pregnant women and elderly people, see how to take proper careof our skin in different ages, and will have a look at dermatoscopy, another important instrument of a dermatologist.
  • Inflammatory skin diseases
    • In this module we will talk about skin diseases. We will focus on inflammatory diseases: psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema, acne and vitiligo. You will also have a look at practical examination of the skin with atopic dermatitis (ultrasonography), and learn about the treatment of these diseases.
  • Infections and skin
    • In the final module of our course we will discuss how infections affect our skin and trigger skin diseases. We'll start with bacterial, viral and fungal infections, then talk about scabies and even insect bites. We will finish with discussing more severe invections, their effects on skin, and learning how the dermatologists diagnose them

Taught by

Irina Sergeeva


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  • This course is more comprehensive than I usually expect in Coursera courses, so I highly appreciate this offering as a medical professional-in training. I even think that the contents can be used in an introductory dermatology course in medical school....
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    The English was not a fluent translation , it was taking me too long to understand what was being said. I did persevere, and tried using other online resources but there was only frustration.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    It’s hard to understand this instructor. I’m looking for a another similar corse with someone who I can understand. Maybe I’ll mute her and read below the videos.
  • Dini Muhammad Wudil
    I like to be dermatologist in my life thank you for choosing dermatologist department online courses I am very satisfying to seeing it.thank you
  • Anonymous
    Attempting the very good dermatology course from NS university.This is Dermatology trip to skin and very good course instructor.corse is 5 weeks long and each course module contain assignment.hope pass the course module test and submit course module assignment succesfuly.


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