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University of Alberta

Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology

University of Alberta via Coursera


Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology is a 12-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of non-avian dinosaurs. Topics covered: anatomy, eating, locomotion, growth, environmental and behavioral adaptations, origins and extinction. Lessons are delivered from museums, fossil-preparation labs and dig sites. Estimated workload: 3-5 hrs/week.

Taught by

Philip Currie and Betsy Kruk


4.9 rating, based on 144 Class Central reviews

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  • Magic,maybe I need a dinosaur to turn a human,it is essential to study this animal and how to success to make this animal be myself image. After reading this content of this course,my comprehesion of english letters is hugely improving and have a lovely...
  • This class was a great overview of dinosaurs with engaging videos. I liked how the readings went along with the videos so it works for different styles of learning.
  • This class is about dinosaurs and Paleobiology! I enjoyed taking this class, along with the class central cohort. This class introduces an exciting field of research taught by the world expert paleontologist -- Prof. Phillip Currey and his research...
  • Donato Rossella completed this course, spending 15 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    The course material is interesting for amateurs who wants to have a better understanding of dinosaurs and the videos are well done and interesting.

    However, at times I found the course notes to be written poorly (with repetitive, over-simplified language and some mistakes here and there) and the forums looks somewhat empty to me.

    I definitely recommend the course, because the material available is enough to understand the concept and gain a basic culture about that period.
  • The is an awesome course. I teach a lot of Dinosaurs. Also I learn some few basics of biological science. The instructor and the media visualisation is very authentic and clear to understand. Thanks for such a great course.
  • I was looking for a brief still deep introduction to the paleontologists field of study, and that's exactly what I found on this course! Thanks to the whole Alberta's amazing team!
  • Well made and interesting course with links to various sites including a geological timeline and fossil viewer.
  • Jeffrey Chiou

    Jeffrey Chiou completed this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

    Great course! The lectures are very enjoyable to watch, much like watching nature documentaries. Overall the difficulty is extremely easy and requires minimal committment, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are a busy person. In addition, all the lectures are made available at the beginning of the course, so you can watch multiple week's worth of lectures at once if you want.

    To get the most out of the course, I recommend reading the included class notes, which go into greater detail than the lectures and contain some wonderful diagrams and pictures.

    The only (very minor) criticism I have is that difficulty of the in-lecture quizzes varies greatly and depends on prior knowledge.
  • Anonymous
    It was a pleasure to learn from Phil Currie and Betsy Kruk. Alberta is such a rich resource for information about dinosaurs and knowing that a lot of the research is from local sites like Dinosaur Provincial Park made the material more relatable and interesting....
  • Anonymous
    One of the best courses I have taken on Coursera. Very complete, fun and interactive lessons. I love the resources like the 3D fossil visualizer. Betsy is a great teacher, I will definitely take the rest of the University of Alberta paleobiology courses. Highly recommended. Thank you for your work!

    Uno de los mejores cursos que he realizado en Coursera. Lecciones muy completas, divertidas e interactivas. Me encantan los recursos como el visualizador 3D de fósiles. Betsy es una profesora genial, sin duda tomaré el resto de cursos de paleobiología de la Universidad de Alberta. Muy recomendado. Gracias por vuestro trabajo!
  • Anonymous
    This is an introductory level course that presents material clearly and succinctly. The written materials prepare one well for the lectures. The lectures are kept short and broken into small sections so that one can do a little at a time or binge watch, at one's own discretion. I would have appreciated a few more visual aids during the lectures, such as rocks showing the iridium layer, and pictures or skeletons of the various groups of dinosaurs.
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed this course! I am retired teacher and nurse. At 75 I am a "professional student" It was a fun and easy way to learn a great deal about the life of dinosaurs. Their trials and tribulations with climate change, predators, volcanos, and, alas, extinction came to life with interesting lectures , field trips, and videos. Thank you Univ. of Alberta1
  • Stephen D Swaney

    Stephen D Swaney completed this course.

    Great intro to dinosaur biology. Engaging lectures and some good discussion in the forums. Plus there are some 3D scans of dino fossils you can play with in your browser.

    As one of the other reviewers implied, it is not a rigorous course, although they do go into some detail about dino anatomy. I thought it was perfect for a 100 level course. If UAlberta ever gives a follow-on, I am there!
  • Anonymous
    This is a great course. The content is very interesting and easily accessible to anyone, even without a scientific background. The instructors are easy to understand and the material is not too difficult. I highly recommend this course.
  • John Smith

    John Smith completed this course, spending 1 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be very easy.

    I personally found this course to be far too basic. It is a very superficial introduction to and overview of dinosaurs that will not be very interesting to anyone with more than a passing interest in them. Having said that, the course was quite well done and would be perfect for someone who is just beginning to learn about dinosaurs.
  • Anonymous
    El curso es excelente porque no se limita a abordar la evolución de los dinosaurios y su árbol filogenético, sino que los complementa proporcionando toda clase de información científica convergente con los dinosaurios.
  • Belinda Peacock
    I enjoyed this class immensely. I am working at a museum and I enjoyed learning about some of the subject matter we have here at the museum! The course was easy to digest and did not take too long.
  • Anonymous
    Great course, I really enjoyed it and found the way it was layed out simple and easy to follow. It had an achievable timeline and was not to hard for beginners. Highly recommended.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course, spending 6 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    I was initially nervous about taking this course given that I don't come from a scientific background but I was pleased to discover that I struggled much less than I thought I would. It is a wonderful overview and introduction to paleobiology and inspired me to look for more courses in the same arena.
  • Anonymous
    This course was exceptionally well organized, and very manageable. The layout on Coursera was also user friendly, and allowed me to focus on small tasks at a time.

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