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Amazon Web Services

Building Containerized Applications on AWS

Amazon Web Services and Amazon via edX


This course introduces you to container technologies and how they can be used to modernize your applications, as well as exploring how different AWS services can be used to manage and orchestrate those containers.

Container technologies have existed for years, and are still gaining popularity. Two of the most prevalent options are Docker and Kubernetes - each with its own distinct set of features. Regardless of which technology you choose, one of the biggest challenges with containers is their orchestration. Unlike traditional, monolithic applications where you can only scale at a macro level - an executable, for example - containerized applications scale at the container level. When coupled with a microservices approach, each container can contain the code necessary to execute a single task or function. While this provides a number of benefits, a single application can consist of hundreds of containerized microservices. How do you handle starting, stopping, scaling out and scaling in all of these containers?
AWS offers a number of services that help with container orchestration, including Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Amazon Lightsail, and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). Throughout this course, expert instructors will dive deep into these services as well as general container technologies and capabilities.

This course uses a combination of video-based lectures, delivered by AWS technical trainers, demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises (Verified Learners only), to enable you to deploy and manage a containerized application.


Week 1

  • Course and Instructor Introductions
  • Containers Described
  • Docker Basics
  • Docker Files and Semantics
  • Docker CLI and Logging
  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Repository (ECR)
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Docker Images: Union File Systems and Copy on Write

Week 2

  • Microservices
  • Introduction to AWS Fargate
  • AWS Fargate Demonstration
  • Container Networking
  • Persistent Storage
  • Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights

Week 3

  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • ECS Components
  • Scheduling and Task Placement
  • ECS Cluster Demonstrations 1-3

Week 4

  • What does Kubernetes look like?
  • Introduction to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes System (EKS)
  • EKS Demonstration
  • Scaling with K8s
  • Kubernetes Ecosystem

Week 5

  • Service Discovery
  • Envoy and AWS AppMesh
  • AppMesh Demonstration
  • AppMesh and Fargatte Demonstration
  • Observability

Taught by

Seph Robinson, Morgan Willis, Rick Hurst, Alana Layton and Scott Malkie

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