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University System of Maryland

Introduction to Transforming with Data Analytics and the Digital Organization

University System of Maryland via edX


Every modern organization is a digital organization or will rapidly become digital. Artificial intelligence, Google/Amazon/Facebook/Uber, and big data have dramatically raised customer expectations and demand.

Organizations that are effective in using data will win in the economies of the mid-21st century. These must-have core competencies include data analysis, machine learning, data visualizations, data mining, and predictive analytics, and deep learning. Organizations that won't or can't digitally transform will go the way of Blockbuster or Border's Bookstore.

The organization that better harnesses the power of data to create a superior customer experience will thrive in the new business realities.

The question is, how does an organization digitally transform? There are many digital technologies for organizations to choose from - too many choices! And digital technologies are only part of creating a digital organization. The employees must be trained in the new technologies, leaders must learn how to use data in making strategic decisions, and the organization's business processes must be reinvented. So many choices to make and the stakes have never been higher!

This course will give you a framework to help you successfully navigate the challenges posed by digital transformation. First, we will discuss how to use the organization's dynamic capabilities to start the digital transformation. Second, we will use fitness landscapes to build a competitive digital business model. Finally, we will implement a strategic foresight function to help evolve the digital business model for the organization's continued success.


Week One - The Digital Enterprise

  • Module One - The Case for Digital Transformation
  • Module Two - What Are the New Digital Technologies
  • Module Three - Why Being Digital is More Than the Technology
  • Module Four - Customer Experience is the Heart of Digital Transformation
  • Module Five - Assessing Your Organization for Digital Transformation

Week Two - Dynamic Capabilities

  • Module One - What are Dynamic Capabilities?
  • Module Two - Finding Your Organization's Dynamic Capabilities
  • Module Three - Building Digital Dynamic Capabilities
  • Module Four - Building Networks of Dynamic Capabilities
  • Module Five - Evolving the Organization's Dynamic Capabilities

Week Three - Fitness Landscapes

  • Module One - What is a Fitness Landscape?
  • Module Two - Dynamic Capabilities and the Fitness Landscape
  • Module Three - Blending Digital Technologies with Social Technologies
  • Module Four - Evaluating Your Fitness Landscape Business Model
  • Module Five - Profiling Your Competition's Fitness Landscape Business Model

Week Four - Strategic Foresight

  • Module One - Strategic Foresight Case Study
  • Module Two - Scanning Your Organization's Environment
  • Module Three - Preparing and Facilitating the Scenario Planning Workshop
  • Module Four - Using Scenarios in Strategic Planning
  • Module Five - Building the Digital Enterprise Business Model with Dynamic Capabilities, Fitness Landscapes, and Strategic Foresight

Taught by

Bill Brantley

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4.5 rating, based on 19 reviews

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  • Profile image for Mohammad Arief
    Mohammad Arief
    I would like to thank USM and especially Mr. Bill Brantley for the thorough introduction to Data Analytics and Digital Organization.

    I won't hesitate to recommend this course to whoever wanting to learn/ implement data analytics and or to implement digital transformation within their organization. This course is a complete package of all.
  • Anonymous
    I would say you get the basic ideas with this course and the teacher explains well. He is knowledgeable and you'll get a good sense of what you need to understand to properly digitize a company, depending on its circumstances.

    But the reasonings are very superficial. The case studies are very macro level. You really need to do most of the work yourself, outside of the videos. I would have appreciated the course more if we had dived a bit deeper in the case studies. Also, the quizzes at the end are not always designed to test your understanding of DA. some questions seem irrelevant, considering that the purpose of the course is to determine whether you can do digital transformation. Also, there is almost no data analytics.
  • Alan Crawford
    Very interesting and the instructor has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and his passion for the topic comes through well. Self paced so if you have other items come up in your life you can adjust your time table for the class. Very good additional resources at the end of each week.
  • Anonymous
    A focused and well-organised course with a very helpful use-case on the industry of how to start a digital transformation in your company.

    In my case, I am currently in the process of mapping the dynamic capabilities which my organization can adopt in terms of digital learning.
  • Anonymous
    This was a nice course to learn about how to effectively use data analytics in decision-making. It has a part about low-code which was very nice for people who don't know lots about coding, and it also teaches some platforms we can use to get our data and improve.
  • Anonymous
    A very good learning experience from University System of Maryland via edX platform. The videos are quite interesting and informative. We are taught new concepts like landscape, NK, Blue ocean strategy, climbing mountains and others.
  • Anonymous
    The subject is interesting and the themes dealt are all relevant, but the approach is quite high level and the treatment is superficial. I would have expected stronger inside into the agile logic and methodologies.
  • Anonymous
    The course is well suited as an introduction to the topic and provides a good overview. Perhaps the case studies are a little too simplified.
  • Anonymous
    Precise, well articulated, crisp, clear.

    Good introduction to Digital transformation. Excellent relevant examples and case studies.
  • Anonymous
    Great for high level concepts. Not technical in focus but provides a framework to work within. Bill is a clear and engaging speaker.
  • Anonymous
    This is a great course to understand the importance of data analysis and strategic planning of digital projects.
  • Anonymous
    I want to thank The University of Maryland for this amazing course.

    Special thanks to M. Bill Brantley for this very good introdution to digital transformation.

    I enjoyed every moment of it !
  • Anonymous
    A focused and organised course with very helpful examples of how to start a digital transformation in your company.

    In my case I'll try to offer a service as a consultant of digital transformation.
  • Ratnapratim Choudhury
    Thank you University of Maryland for this opportunity, I am grateful to you for this

    Thank you, professor Bill Brantley, for coaching us and helping us to secure our future
  • Anonymous
    I really liked this course and the instructor! The subjects were very interesting, and I am sure I can create a good new dynamic capability at my organization.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you University of Maryland and Bill Brantley for offering this course! It is a very good introduction to Digital Transformation.
  • Anonymous
    Great course that explained all scenarios in how with data we can lead digital transformation in our organization.
  • Anonymous
    Very interesting and relevant to modern business. Important concepts to staying relevant in today's marketplace.
  • Simona Cavarretta
    Thanks to this course I have improved my knowledge and understanding of Data Analytics.

    Highly recommended!

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