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University System of Maryland

Let’s Get Happy: Happiness Drives Performance

University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park via edX


In this course you will learn about great culture – the goal of every great leader. Find out how happy you are personally and at work, be able to make the case for happiness at work as a critical strategic approach, understand how happy project and technical professionals are right how, and learn how to build you own personal happiness and happiness at work

Practical tools and techniques for use right away to be happier, more productive, more promotable, and more passionate at work.

This is the first course in the Reimagining Leadership certificate. This certificate offers an extraordinary opportunity to spend some quality time with yourself to assess your current level of soft skills, clearly define your core self, and build soft skills which are essential to professional, not to mention life, success

This course is the first in a series of leadership courses. The second course is Let’s Get Started: You First! which will be offered in the summer of 2020.

Great leaders, create great culture, which yields great work: G3. Great culture, where individuals flourish and organizations thrive, requires happiness as a competitive strategy.

This course provides both new ideas and practical applications you can use immediately. You’ll learn that soft skills are so important that they are now called POWER SKILLS. They are the most sought-after skills by recruiters and hiring managers. Power skills are key to creating and sustaining happiness at work. Happiness drives performance.

  • Get the Models - Understand what happiness and happiness are work are
  • Get Why It Matters - Understand the business case for happiness and happiness at work
  • Get the Data - Establish their personal baseline for happiness and happiness at work
  • Set the Goals - Set personal development goals for increasing happiness and happiness at work
  • Learn the Tools - Learn tools and techniques for how to build happiness and happiness at work
  • Take Action - Build effective action plans to increase happiness and happiness at work
  • Make the Change - Practice new skills to increase happiness and happiness at work
  • Get the Benefit - Be able to build positive workplaces where individuals flourish and organizations thrive

Start your journey to becoming a Great Leader, creating Great Culture, yielding Great Work with Happiness at Work!


The Business Value of Happiness

  • Introduction
  • Happiness as Strategy
  • Why Happiness is Great Strategy
  • Happiness & Soft Skills
  • The Big Ideas & Segue to What is Happiness

What is Happiness?

  • Introduction
  • What is Happiness?
  • Happiness Limitations
  • Myths about Happiness
  • A Primer on Building Happiness
  • The Big Ideas & Segue to What is Happiness at Work

What is Happiness at Work?

  • Introduction
  • Happiness Refresher and Selected Models
  • What is Happiness at Work, Part I
  • What is Happiness at Work, Part II
  • Building Happiness at Work
  • The Big Ideas & Segue to How Happy are PM’s at Work?

How Happy are PM’s at Work?

  • Introductions
  • PMI Research Findings, Part I
  • PMI Research Findings, Part II
  • APM Research Findings
  • A Primer on Building Happiness at Work
  • The Big Ideas & Segue to My Leadership Journey

My Leadership Journey

  • Introduction
  • Learning from Experience
  • Learning by Building Self-Awareness
  • Learning through Professional Development
  • Becoming a Best Self Leader
  • The Big Ideas & Segue to Next Course: Let’s Focus on You: Building Self-Awareness

Taught by

Jocelyn S. Davis


4.3 rating, based on 19 Class Central reviews

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  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed this class and the way it was organized. While the content was repetitive with the videos and reviews, I found it helped me to retain more of the information. I learned a lot of new content and how to apply it. I wish there had been more stories...
  • Anonymous
    This course is great. I have learnt a lot and had chance to reflect a lot to. It's not just about learning how to be happy to support self and team, but also about setting achievable goal to progress consistently.

    I think I gonna keep reminding myself from now on all the time that we are working for progress, not for perfection.

    Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    Great course. I learnt a lot and got to understand the impact of a number a things which seems natural to do.

    I was looking for tools to help me with my professional development, I found one which will also help me with my personal one.

    The course in itself is well structured, with clear cases and examples which will help you to understand and put the new knowledge rapidly in practice.

    I will definitely be taking more courses.
  • Anonymous
    I find this teaching approach helpful: it capitalizes on the personal and professional experience of everyone and offers a theoretical path for revealing the scientific base of practical experience.
  • Anonymous
    The Course was really great. . Easy to understand with the videos and lots of great things that apply to our work and personal life. After this course I will be able to improve my WLB.
  • Anonymous
    Good course and I got more about the course

    Iam so lucky to have this online course and I strongly believe that you will provide more opportunities for students including me.

    I will recommend this for my friends also

  • Alan Liu
    I truly love this course!! I think this course well introduces happiness as a strategy to the business table and gives you a tangible roadmap to achieve better leadership, better culture, and better outcomes! I learned a lot from this course and I believe that I can apply this knowledge into my career!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I really enjoyed learning all about how important happiness is in work places. I definitely learnt a lot of new and interesting things through this course, and would recommend it to anyone! :)
  • Anonymous
    Really does take about 4 hours or so per week - I kept falling behind! Luckily on EdX I could push my dates forward a few times to stick with it.

    The videos were engaging and although many things are repeated throughout, I think it helps you remember the key concepts. I definitely had some concrete takeaways from the course that I can apply, but I would have liked more examples of how, as a team leader, I can help implement strategies for my team members and their happiness, or even what can be done to change culture at a company if you are in a position to do that.
  • Anonymous
    The content was simple and good, yet reached depth and breath beyond what I expected. I was taken back by the science behind simple concepts and the impact it can have on how we live and how productive/successful companies can be when intentional plans are put into place. The list of powerful corporations that have gained an edge due to the implementation is impressive. I think the content can be applied to daily life as well as the number of hours we dedicate at work. This course caused much reflection for me as I reflected on how I work/interact with others.
  • Anonymous
    overall a good course that promotes self reflections.
    It's a good reminder that we are a constant work in progress and don't need to focus on perfection as much as we do.
  • Anonymous
    While the content for the course is good, the quizzes and tests don't always line up with the information learned. There are also many spelling mistakes which decreases the credibility of the course.

    There are too many mistakes within the quizzes to make the course credible. Unfortunately you can choose the right answer(s) and it will mark it wrong. Then when you look at the right answer, after using all your chances to get it right, you find out that you had a correct answer at one point.
  • Anonymous
    It is an interesting course. It has an organized way to present a management style that is different from what we have experienced as common. It is titled happiness, but it has a lot of elements linked to respect and dignity, things that are valuable to people even when they dont seem to know it. It is definitely an introduction to a journey in leadership that can be applied in many ways not just work.
  • Anonymous
    I truly loved this course.

    I finished it in 10 days, couldn't stop learning as learning has never been this fun. The topic is essential for everybody who wants to be happy personally, professionally and it really puts together the know how to unlocking a high quality true happiness in life .
  • Anonymous
    Overall, it is a good course and it has helped me to refresh things which I learned long back by attending off-line courses. I also learned some new things which I didn’t know before.

    While learning I found this course too lengthy and due to which felt bored in completing this course.

  • Anonymous
    This is really new things which i have learned through this course. Videos are really good but few things are repetitive. I would like to see more practical examples for better understanding.
  • Anonymous
    Informative, educational, professional, fun, very well made, with direct applicability to one's personal and work environments. In one word, excellent!
  • Anonymous
    Course components are very well connected. Good amount of repetition of important concepts. Good energy. Good illustrations. Good presentation!
  • Anonymous
    I thank you for your valuable time in presenting a wonderful course for people and I wish you success and happiness

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