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University System of Maryland

Product Design, Prototyping, and Testing

University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park via edX


Designing the customer and user experience is essential to creating great products today. Gone is the old paradigm of “form follows function” model of design. The process must be iterative and follow the best product design and development processes. While designing a great user experience can be a lengthy and expensive process, there are approaches to doing it faster and smarter, without compromising results.

This essential product management course explains key design thinking principles around personas, story mapping, and prototyping. Product managers need to know and appreciate product designer tools and processes. By combining these principles with good scrum processes, you’ll learn to create great products that don’t sacrifice design for functionality or feasibility.

This course enables students to transition from ideas to prototyping and concept testing of their products and services. Students learn how best to effectively translate ideas into marketable offerings so that the best product and service ideas are harnessed and create real value for customers and the organization. Emphasis is placed on an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to engineering design, concurrent engineering, design for manufacturing, industrial design, and the business of new product development. Topics include design methods, modeling and simulation, material and manufacturing process selection, platform and modular design, mass customization, planning and scheduling.


Module 1: Development Processes and Organizations

Module 2: Concept Generation and Selection

Module 3: Product Design and Architecture

Module 4: Principles of Prototyping and User Experience

Module 5: Wireframing and Prototyping Models

Module 6: Robust Design Considerations

Module 7: Testing and Troubleshooting

Module 8: Project Management

Taught by

Cait von Schnetlage

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2.8 rating, based on 25 reviews

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  • Anonymous
    I am honestly shocked by the quality of this course. I've taken a number of online courses, including the first two in this series and this was incredibly disappointing. I'm going to bucket the feedback but suffice it to say that if you want to learn...
  • Anonymous
    The course content is huge and was too long per one video because of some additive from the presenter which sometimes off the topic. Some videos need to be polished before upload. Some slides are not relevant to the presenter script and made me confused. The presenter said those were her fun stuff but maybe it is not mine.
  • Anonymous
    The content of the course is quite redundant and the quality of the information is disappointingly poor. This course should be reduced by half and spend more time explaining key ideas and critical activities around UX and prototyping. I am not sure what I have learned unlike other courses in the series.
  • Anonymous
    I have learned usefull informations eith this course. Now I am Ph.D. student at Business Administration and I interest marketing practices at my studies. I advice all of Business Adm. student, managers and marketing professionals to take this course.
  • Profile image for Ellissa Verseput
    Ellissa Verseput
    This course was a real disappointment to be honest. Especially compared to the other courses in the 5-course product management program, the course materials are of very poor quality.
  • Anonymous
    Disappointing quality of material, terrible audio and editing (in some videos). It seems like instructor's speech content is poorly prepared and some times out of sync with slides.
  • Anonymous
    The content of the course is necessary and would be interesting if it were not for the amateurish and unfocused presentation. I feel that my money and especially my time would have been better spent just looking at the slides and completing the quizzes...
  • Anonymous
    Many of the videos seem not professional and should be re-edited.

    The course did not give me much understanding of UX as I expected.

    The teacher on 80% of the time just shows a slide, reads it and moves on. No extra information or expected description was given.

    Many times the teacher refers to the textbooks - however as it is an online course she should not count on textbooks, in my personal opinion.

    Took me too long to finish the course due to it being too boring.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The videos are too long, bordering on rambling, trying to cover too much material in one course. It's supposed to be about designer user experience, but veers into very short overviews of project management, manufacturing, sustainability, and software...
  • Anonymous
    The total length of the course could have been half of what it is. The explanations are repeating itself over and over again, and the content of the videos are most of the time irrelevant.

    The lecturer gives a lot of personal comments which are not in scope and not of our interest.

    The concepts in the slides are most of the time not explained, but just given an example (which often also repeats itself).

    The content of the course is not really matching the scope or the syllabus. It was very repetitive and also not matching the level or continuing the lessons in the previous courses of the certificate program.

    I cannot recommend this course.
  • Anonymous
    The teacher may be knowledgeable, but her presentation is extremely slow, inconsistent in quality, and bordering on rambling. It would be much better to craft a tight script and deliver that directly, rather the presenting on the fly. Lessons could be much shorter and more concise.
  • Anonymous
    Videos are not very solid in terms of explanation, it is mostly reading those slides and running through them at fast pace. It is more like book based slides and nothing special or interesting . They are very long and boring.
  • Anonymous
    The content is good but the teaching is slow, rambling and inconsistent in quality. It would be much better to craft a tight script and deliver that directly, rather the presenting on the fly. Lessons need to be shorter and more concise.
  • Anonymous
    Very generic, constantly refers to the textbook, bad quality sound and image, unedited footage, bad teacher, I feel I wasted my time.
  • Anonymous
    The courses uses 30 year old references, a lot of information seems outdated. Complicated slides are skipped without explanation. Real life examples with details are missing. The summaries presented are simply the headlines of the previous slides.
    Useful concepts which can be applied to real life cases are missing.
  • Anonymous
    This course provided a lot of key information for entrepreneurs gaining some insight as to how to bring together UX and engineering. The instructor had a great sense of humor as well! Really enjoyed her teaching style
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    There are 3 or more videos that need to be edited, at the beginning it shows parts that wanted to be redone and they were left as part of the video.

    Good content for high level but the quality of the video doesn't look very professional. Also the instructor looks very experienced but not very professional sometimes.
  • Anonymous
    Overall it was Nice session. Very informative and all the concepts are clearly well explained.
    Hoping for more great such sessions . Thank you so much .
  • Anonymous
    Course provides some helpful information in an engaging way - I will bring a lot of the topics I've learned to my organization!
  • Anonymous
    This resonates very well with my industry work whereby I deliver exceptional client experience that deliver business value

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