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Build Maps with React Leaflet



If you've ever worked on a website for a business, there's a good chance you've included a map.
A Google Map embed is sufficient for showing a location, but doesn't leave you many customization options.
React Leaflet to the rescue!
In this course, Colby Fayock will guide you through a series of lessons and challenges that will build your map making skills as you build out a web app for a fictional restaurant.
You'll get practice with handling API keys and using React Hooks to implement a custom interactive map complete with metadata and additional overlays.
This course has built-in challenges that you are encouraged to pause and work through, but feel free to just watch.


  • Course Introduction: Build Maps with React Leaflet
  • Section 01 - Overview of Mapping Technologies with Leaflet
  • Replace Assets in React Applications Created with create-react-app
  • Group 1 - Your First Map
  • Section 02 - Adding Your First React Leaflet Map to a New React Application
  • Install Leaflet and react-leaflet with NPM in a JavaScript Project
  • Create a New Map in React Leaflet using the Components TileLayer and Map
  • Style React Leaflet Components using CSS
  • Section 03 - Customize a React Leaflet Map with a Mapbox Basemap Style
  • Create a Mapbox Account
  • Create a Map Style in Mapbox Studio
  • Create an API Key in Mapbox
  • Extract Environment Variable for the API Key
  • Configure a Mapbox Endpoint with Mapbox GET Request Variables
  • Customize React Leaflet Maps with a Custom Map Style Endpoint
  • Extract Environment Variables to a .env File in a JavaScript Project
  • Create a New Basemap Style in Mapbox Studio
  • Section 04 - Adding a Marker Component to a Map to Point to a Location with React Leaflet
  • Retrieve Latitude and Longitude Coordinates with Google Maps
  • Add a React Leaflet Marker Component with Latitude and Longitude Coordinates
  • Fix react-leaflet Peer Dependencies Conflicts with useEffect Hook
  • Add a React Leaflet Popup Component to Display the Name of an Existing Marker Component
  • Add Latitude and Longitude Coordinates to a React Leaflet Marker Component
  • Group 2 - Managing Map Data
  • Section 05 - Manage Leaflet State in a React App with Hooks
  • Access a Leaflet Map instance with useRef Hook in React Leaflet
  • Accesse Leaflet Map Instance Inside a React useEffect Hook
  • Create a Marker Component with the Leaflet API Map Instance
  • Manage Stale Map Data in React Leaflet
  • Recreate the Marker from our Second Favorite Location with React Leaflet bindPopup
  • Section 06 - Create Your First GeoJSON Document and Add Restaurant Locations to the Map
  • Understanding the Basics of the GeoJSON Standard
  • Drop Points in to Create Your First GeoJSON FeatureCollection
  • Manually Add a New Restaurant Location Feature to the GeoJSON Document
  • Create a New GeoJSON File and Import it into a React App
  • Add GeoJSON Location Data to a React Leaflet Map with a GeoJSON Instance
  • Manually Add Another GeoJSON Location Feature to a Map with React Leaflet
  • Section 07 Add Restaurant Info to GeoJSON Documents and Display it in a Tooltip on the Map
  • Update our GeoJSON Data to Include Restaurant Information by Adding properties
  • Add React Leaflet Popups to all of our Markers using GeoJSON Data
  • Adding Restaurant Information to our Popups
  • Update the Styles of React Leaflet Popups
  • Change the Background Color of a React Leaflet Popup with CSS Selectors
  • Add Another Restaurant Attribute with a GeoJSON Property and Display it in a Leaflet Popup
  • Group 3 - Customizing Your Map
  • Section 08 - Add Restaurant Delivery Zones to Map with Shaded Regions
  • Add a Delivery Radius to our Restaurant GeoJSON Data
  • Add a Shaded React Leaflet Circle to the Map Based on GeoJSON Data
  • Only Showing the Delivery Radius in React Leaflet on Marker Hover using DOM Events
  • Change the Color of the React Leaflet Delivery Zone
  • Section 09 - Customize Restaurant Location Markers with Custom Images
  • Recreate React Leaflet Markers with the GeoJSON pointToLayer Configuration Set
  • Replace the Default React Leaflet Location Markers with a Custom Image
  • Import and Add the Default React Leaflet Shadows back to our Markers
  • Replace the Marker with Custom HTML and Style with CSS
  • Section 10 - Use Leaflet's Geolocation API to Find Locations Near You
  • Add a React Leaflet Marker to a Location when Clicking a Button
  • Add a Button that Finds your Location and Navigates the Map to the Location with Leaflet
  • Use the Browser's Location to Add a React Leaflet Marker to the Map
  • Add a React Leaflet Circle to the Map Designing the Accuracy of the Browser's Location
  • Clean up Location Event handler Resources when Page Unmounts in React useEffect

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Colby Fayock


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