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Universitat Politècnica de València

Upper-Intermediate English: Business and Technology

Universitat Politècnica de València via edX


This course is the fourth in a series of four English language MOOCs designed for students with an intermediate level of English looking to reach a higher intermediate level. The course is comprised of video lessons, reading comprehension activities, grammar explanations and exercises, listening comprehension activities and speaking practice.

The course covers interesting topics such as cultural differences, aviation and global warming, historical monuments or technological innovation.

This course also includes preparatory materials and recommendations to take the Cambridge University First Certificate in English Examination (FCE).

Taught by

Prof. Ana Gimeno



4.6 rating, based on 37 Class Central reviews

4.5 rating at edX based on 10 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    it was a great course I learned a lot from it but the correction of the problems sometimes is dump, the answer is right or a human would have understood which affects the learners grade, thanks for all of your trouble
  • Anonymous
    It is a very good course, the only thing that I would change should be the time, because I think we can learn more if we can extend the course in two more weeks.
  • Anonymous
    This is a good course but very long, is difficult but later of you finishim you are very proud, a one things that I don't liked is that if you don't put the words that the platform want the exersais is bad, I thinck that if you put another word that make sense for example - good and less bad- isn't the same but exples the same
  • Anonymous
    Good exercises. The samples are very useful to understand the First Cert exam structure. In my opinion the course's schedule Is too short. Blog section have to be improved. The theory part Is very minimal. Great the possibility ti receive feedback from peers.
  • Anonymous
    I love this course! Very interesting and I definitely learned a lot! Thank you for making this!
    There are some flaws, like there are some mistakes in the text or sometimes the answers are incorrect. I hope you can correct them so future students won't be confused.
    Very interesting, highly recommended.
  • Anonymous
    This course is very good and useful most for students who study english language on college. I am very satisfied with your course and I send You every praise.

    Thank You, Best Regards
  • Anonymous
    It's a great course if you want to upgrade your writing skills and technical knowledge in English. I learned a lot in an autonomous way and it's a profitable experience. Also, I have acquired fluency in my speaking and I regained my competencies to write texts with a good structure and useful expressions. It's very useful and highly recommendable!
  • Slawomir Muras
    It is very important to learn English and other stuff and this site is perfect for that.
    In my opinion is the best.
  • Anonymous
    I like the methodology of the course, the flexibility of schedule and over all, the free option Because, my economy is not the best now, but , Iam pretty sure that I will get The Certification for C1 .This course help me a lot to improve my English. I really recommended to take Upper-Intermediate English, of course it takes time and effort ,and you will get there.
    I went to fast with the course. Iam thinking in go over some task , now that I got the time to do it right. This is other advantages, you can go over and over as many time as you need. This work for me, because sometimes Iam in a hurry and I May come back and redid.
    thanks, very much, blessing.
    yours faithfully

  • Anonymous
    I took all four courses to complete the verified program and thought they were great, even though there were some Technical Platform Issues (that were eventually solved) and a couple of exercises (change to have a similar meaning using a given word) that could be answered correctly in different ways but if you did not write the correct way....wrong answer.
    I do recommend the course to all those that want to improve their English and/or give their English knowledge an intense refreshing course.
    Congratulations to all the staff, technical team and others that contribute to making this course possible.

    Best regards, Carmela Gilarranz Runge
  • Anonymous
    The structure of the course is very interesting and it is about the 4 fundamental skills we need to learn a language (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
    I have founded -in my opinion- small errors in some exercises (especially in that exercises when you need to fill gaps, sometimes I got a bad note for a contraction or for a different word that means the same that the expected answer).
    In general, it is a marvelous course, but the creators need to review the course at 100% to check the little errors that I think it have.
    Thank you so much.
  • Anonymous
    For me it was a good way to practice english language, but it need to improve some exercise because some of them don't have different possibilities, sometimes is very hard to find the exact right answer. For example, in one exercise they told me to form a phrase with one word, that phrase have so many ways to said it but they only give you one possibility and few tries.

    Anyway, as a recommendation, it will be great if they could add more videos with conversations or an interview.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity ❤️.I wish I can complete all levels .The most difficult part is that I should record my answers because I don't know how to do so but I communicated with one of my friends to do so.Your course made me happy and enjoying learning.
    I gained a lot of information.The listening section was very useful.The grammar section was also useful.I revised alot of the vocabulary that I studied.I wish there Will be practicing for conversation on line
  • Anonymous
    I would have suggested this course to many people but unfortunately, it will be removed from the site in 2 weeks. However, I enjoyed this class and learning a lot. I would suggest for the future to have an exam before starting the course and after finishing the course. So, learners can evaluate themselves before and after then decide how much they have learned from this course.
  • Anonymous
    It has been interesting for me because it has helped me to listen to English and to record myself and listen to me speaking English. There are some exercises that when correcting them have put them as erroneous and I think that it is not fair, especially when I have used the contraction, because it is very disappointing.
  • Anonymous
    I thank you for the course. It has been a good opportunity for me and I have learned a lot. I am very grateful of you have been us an extra week to finish the course. My performance was not so good because I need to study more. I would repeat the course without a doubt.
  • Anonymous
    This course, and the other three ones which complete the series, are really useful to brush up your English skills or revise vocabulary and grammar. And moreover, you can train every skill required in an official exam: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Anonymous
    I liked the way the topics are explained, they make everything easy to understand, and to learn, I had questions that were answered during this course and I will definetly say that It helped me a lot to keep up with my knowdlege, and I will reccommend it to my friends
  • Anonymous
    The course is very complete, with lots of useful contents and information. It is very easy to follow at your own path. It is quite challenging sometimes and provides important clues for the learning process. Definitely I would recommend it to other students1
  • Anonymous
    It was very helpful for me. Definetively a challenge, a way to practice and improve. As a second language, I find English as a subject with many things to learn, and I think this course give you the tools to build your knowledge.

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