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University of Leeds

Food Science and Nutrition: From the Farm to You

University of Leeds via FutureLearn


Discover the science of food and understand the value of nutrition in our diets

On this course, you’ll learn how food science and nutrition helps us to understand and study the fascinating world of food.

You’ll explore the food supply chain and learn how food processing can make food healthier.

You’ll examine how new food technologies are revolutionising food production and how new products are developed.

You’ll also explore how nutritional needs vary in different countries and how policies on nutrition are developed.

Through case studies, you’ll understand the importance of micro and macronutrients and explore what happens to food whilst it’s in your body.

The course is part of the Going to University collection and completing it can help improve your university application by broadening your understanding of food science and nutrition and developing your independent learning skills.

The course can also be used as a teachers’ classroom enrichment resource.

The material could also be included in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering classes.


  • From farm to supermarket
    • Welcome
    • Where does your food come from?
    • 3D printing: A food revolution?
    • New Product Development
    • Summary
  • Food and you
    • About Week 2
    • Eating with awareness
    • Maintaining your health with micronutrients
    • Summary

Taught by

Mathew Francis


4.6 rating, based on 30 Class Central reviews

4.4 rating at FutureLearn based on 71 ratings

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  • Anonymous
    FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION: ‘From the Farm to You’ is a short (2-week) course and therefore has to be selective. The videos and articles used were very good and, because of additional maerials listed, students could easily follow up specific areas o…
  • Anonymous
    For such a short course there was a wealth of information. We covered not just how the body uses food and what are the important aspects of food, we also learned about technical aspects of production and making food attractive. The information was very up to date and a lot of source material was provided.
    I have done other courses run by University of Leeds and find them to be of a high standard.
  • Anonymous
    The entire class was interesting from the very first chapter. I especially liked the added articles that were embedded in the class itself. The way how the articles were presented was not boring at all. I liked how I was able to see all the other learners' responses while I was doing mine. The whole class and reading was very well put together, the final was a bit challenging...for me..but that is just my was the small things you know? :) I am actually looking forward to taking another class here soon, I saw one with food and how it affects the mood..I am definitely interested in that one as well. Many thanks to the professors who put this together it was super interesting and easy to follow and learn.!!
  • Anonymous
    Es un excelente curso. Aprenderás sobre los nutrientes, la manera en la que el cuerpo recibe las vitaminas, proteínas, grasas, carbohidratos... y el efecto que tienen en nuestro cuerpo.
    También nos enseña sobre el proceso por el que pasan los alimentos para llegar desde la granja hasta ti.
    Tiene artículos interesantes para seguir aprendiendo sobre estas temáticas y en mi opinión, es útil para todas las personas, no necesitas conocimientos de estudiante de medicina o nutrición o algo parecido para entenderlo.
    Es importante saber lo que comemos, los efectos positivos y negativos que puede tener la comida en nuestros organismos y optar por alternativas saludables para evitar enfermedades y tener una buena calidad de vida.
  • KaitingJiang
    This class has laid the foundation for us in the field of food science. From the lesson, we've learnt the basic knowledge about food science such as macronutrient and micronutrient. Besides, we also learnt how to evaluate the food product, how to design the ideal product by doing survey, and also encourage people in preferring certain food by food nudging. We even learnt about the techniques in 3D food printing.
  • Anonymous
    I had a great learning experience.All the topics were explained in a nice manner.I liked the fact that,all the learners were given an opportunity to express their views and opinions on almost all the topics.I would like to thank the University of Leeds and the School of Food Science and Nutrition for creating such an interesting and intriguing course.I would like to thank Dr Matthew Francis,for having taught all the topics in a fun and interesting manner.

  • Anonymous
    I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot of new things and expanded my knowledge on some topics. I found it very interesting and it really got me thinking about how food works and all that can be done with it. I found it very useful in helping me decide whether to apply for more food science or nutrition based courses at uni. Would highly recommend.
  • Anonymous
    I have gained significant insight of Nutrition I had no prior knowledge of. When I initially began the course I assumed it would be fairly easy to with basic information. I sincerely appreciate that the course took aspects from Supply chain to consumer, very informative and somewhat difficult. looking forward to more in-depth study of food and nutrition.
  • Anonymous
    This site is most amazing who has willingness to study in different field .and best part is that u can study any time any where you want.

    This is superb experience.
  • Anonymous
    Excellent course. Good introduction to food and nutrition. I am retired and did the course to help me understand nutrition and improve my diet. I would recommend this course to A level students wanting to get a taste (please excuse the pun) of this subject.
  • Anonymous
    An interesting introduction to food production and the supply chain, and just how industrialised food production is. Excellent food and nutrition information, some great activities such as developing a food product for market. As someone who is moving fairly rapidly to a vegetarian diet, the information on fortification of foods was helpful, as plant alternatives are not always fortified. The course was educational and fun, and it was well presented. Thank you.
  • Anonymous
    The title of the course drew me in because I know something about it and the course did not disappoint. I learnt stuff but I cannot remember what I learnt because to do so would have required more research and it is likely I would not have understood what I was researching. This course would appeal to you if you know about measurements and what they look like. I could not understand these, except I remember the length of my epiglottis is 25cm.
  • The course is a good taster for people who will be studying biology, nutrition and for people from all walks of life who are interested in eating healthy, cooking healthy food and keeping healthy. I have enjoyed the course as it is very informative and easy to understand. I love learning through MOOCs as I learn from the comfort of my home. Thanks Leeds University for organising this course.
  • Anonymous
    It was a very good and comprehensive course, that provided all the essential knowledge and I'd say even more than the essential information about food science without making it boring. It is a very interesting and easy course, highly recommended.

    I'm a food science and technology student and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about fst.
  • Anonymous
    It was very interesting. I learned some things that I definitely did not know. I found the process of 3D printing very interesting. It will be interesting to see how that evolves in the coming year(s).
  • Anonymous
    Perfect nutition course for beginners

    Thanks for the course it's n easy to understand n informative
  • Anonymous
    This course covered basic knowledge about food production and some more-detailed information on nutrition and our bodies. Some of the data is 20 years old and needs to be up-dated. It's a very good basic foods course that I would recommend to those curious about the production of food through its use.
  • Anonymous
    the course is awesome and very useful for young learners in food science and technology. it gives very new technological basis and new innovations related to food science field starting from farm to folk. its really appreciable the contents provided in an inserting manner with attractive videos.
  • Anonymous
    This course had a really good balance in content. Plenty of science based content as well as analytical/ consumer content, all designed to be accessible to everyone. I really enjoyed taking this course and I found it had plenty of links to everyday life! Thank you for the course :)
  • Kezia Khoo
    The material was engaging through interactive tasks in website extensions. The knowledge presented was extremely fascinating and applicable to our everyday lives. It also made me reflect on my own food choices and food's journey from cradle to grave.

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