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A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette (Part 1)

XuetangX via France Université Numerique


About This Course

The Chinese nation is known as the "state of etiquette", and its etiquette culture has a long history. Etiquettes, reflecting one’s recognition and respect for others, society and country, can effectively show the upbringing, manners and charm of the person who shows and the person who receives and returns. Etiquette is an indispensable lubricant in cross-cultural communication and a necessary professional skill for everyone to enter the Chinese workplace

"A Beginner’s Guide to Etiquette" is a compulsory career development course for new professionals in the workplace as well as a career culture development course for people around the world to understand the Chinese workplace and etiquette.It is divided into two parts. Each part is a stand-alone course.

Based on the characteristics of actual Chinese workplace, this part focuses on five themes.

◇ Introduction

◇ Professional Image

◇ Deportment and Manners

◇ Seating Arrangement Etiquette

◇ Meeting and Communication Etiquette

The course, following the principle of “pragmatism and flexibility”, is not only content-minded, but also audience-oriented. It adopts "double titles", includes actually shot scenes, and is supplemented with soothing background music, and relevant video clips from such sources as news reports and movies. It leads in with some etiquette proverbs and concludes with some tips. Through the study of this course, students are expected to master the knowledge and skills of etiquette in China’s workplace, improve their etiquette literacy and professional comprehensive ability, and prepare themselves better for future international careers.


Course Schedule

Week 1(2 videos):Introduction
  • Introduction: Winning through Etiquette
  • The Importance of Professional Image: Seven-Second Impression and Winning

Week 2(3 videos):Professional Image(Dressing and Etiquette)
  • Overall Principle of Professional Dressing: The Beginning of a Successful Image
  • Business Dressing Etiquette for Men: Opportunities in Dressing Etiquette
  • Business Dressing Etiquette for Women: Are You “Posing” the Right Way

Week 3(2 videos):Professional Image(Appearance and Etiquette)
  • Skin Care: Paying More Attention to Your Skin
  • Professional Make-up: Have You Taken the Mistakes for Granted

Week 4(3 videos):Deportment and Manners
  • Posture: Winning People's Approval and Admiration
  • Looks and Smiles: Valuable “Expression Package” in the Workplaces
  • Special Body Languages: The Invisible Punctuation

Week 5(3 videos):Seating Arrangement Etiquette 1
  • The principle and method of Seating Arrangements: Making Clear the Seating Order First
  • Guiding Etiquette: Where Exactly Should You Be
  • Seating Arrangements in Cars: Are You “Seated” Right

Week 6(3 videos):Seating Arrangement Etiquette 2
  • Seating Arrangements in Business Meetings: It Is Not Wrong to Make Sure Your Seat Before Taking it
  • Seating Arrangements of Chinese Banquets: How Do We Show Guests Respects?
  • Seating Arrangements of Western Banquets: What Do You Think About “Lady First”?

Week 7(4 videos):Meeting and Communication Etiquette 1
  • Greetings: The Subtlety of Greeting
  • Addresses: Details Not to Be Overlooked
  • Handshake: The First Touch to Establish Contact
  • Embrace: Do You Need Such “Temperature”

Week 8(4 videos):Meeting and Communication Etiquette 2
  • Foreign-Related Etiquette: When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do
  • Self-Introduction: Introducing Yourself Formally
  • Introducing Others: Bridging the Parties
  • Business Card: The Second Face of Image

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