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Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners

via freeCodeCamp


This complete 134-part JavaScript tutorial for beginners will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the JavaScript programming language.


Running JavaScript.
Comment Your Code.
Declare Variables.
Storing Values with the Assignment Operator.
Initializing Variables with the Assignment Operator.
Uninitialized Variables.
Case Sensitivity in Variables.
Add Two Numbers.
Subtract One Number from Another.
Multiply Two Numbers.
Dividing Numbers.
Decimal Numbers.
Multiply Two Decimals.
Divide Decimals.
Finding a Remainder.
Augmented Addition.
Augmented Subtraction.
Augmented Multiplication.
Augmented Division.
Declare String Variables.
Escaping Literal Quotes.
Quoting Strings with Single Quotes.
Escape Sequences.
Plus Operator.
Plus Equals Operator.
Constructing Strings with Variables.
Appending Variables to Strings.
Length of a String.
Bracket Notation.
Understand String Immutability.
Find the Nth Character.
Find the Last Character.
Find the Nth-to-Last Character.
Word Blanks.
Nest Arrays.
Access Array Data.
Modify Array Data.
Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays.
Shopping List.
Write Reusable with Functions.
Global Scope.
Local Scope.
Global vs Local Scope in Functions.
Return a Value from a Function.
Undefined Value returned.
Assignment with a Returned Value.
Stand in Line.
Boolean Values.
If Statements.
Equality Operator.
Strict Equality Operator.
Comparing different values.
Inequality Operator.
Strict Inequality Operator.
Greater Than Operator.
Greater Than Or Equal To Operator.
Less Than Operator.
Less Than Or Equal To Operator.
And Operator.
Or Operator.
Else Statements.
Else If Statements.
Logical Order in If Else Statements.
Chaining If Else Statements.
Golf Code.
Switch Statements.
Default Option in Switch Statements.
Identical Options in Switch Statements.
Replacing If Else Chains with Switch.
Returning Boolean Values from Functions.
Return Early Pattern for Functions.
Counting Cards.
Build Objects.
Dot Notation.
Bracket Notation.
Updating Object Properties.
Add New Properties to Object.
Delete Properties from Object.
Objects for Lookups.
Testing Objects for Properties.
Manipulating Complex Objects.
Nested Objects.
Nested Arrays.
Record Collection.
While Loops.
For Loops.
Odd Numbers With a For Loop.
Count Backwards With a For Loop.
Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop.
Nesting For Loops.
Do...While Loops.
Profile Lookup.
Random Fractions.
Random Whole Numbers.
Random Whole Numbers within a Range.
parseInt Function.
parseInt Function with a Radix.
Ternary Operator.
Multiple Ternary Operators.
var vs let.
var vs let scopes.
const Keyword.
Mutate an Array Declared with const.
Prevent Object Mutation.
Arrow Functions.
Arrow Functions with Parameters.
Higher Order Arrow Functions.
Default Parameters.
Rest Operator.
Spread Operator.
Destructuring Assignment: Objects.
Destructuring Assignment: Nested Objects.
Destructuring Assignment: Arrays.
Destructuring Assignment with Rest Operator to Reassign Array.
Destructuring Assignment to Pass an Object.
Template Literals.
Simple Fields.
Declarative Functions.
class Syntax.
getters and setters.
import vs require.
* to Import.
export default.
Import a Default Export.

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  • I liked this corse i learn many new things and this was one of the most tactic education corse that is implemented on this website as this is the first time i started and it was creative
  • Sangat membantu dalam proses pembelajaran,saya sangat senang bisa menemukan kursus ini.
    Jadi saya jadi lebih mengetahui banyak hal yang sebelumnya belum saya ketahui.
  • It's very good course. I got very much knowledge from this course thank you.

    And this course is most important for my future career
  • Amazing course and i have learned too much from it so i am suggesting you to learn it and they are the perfect solution

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