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Full Stack Web Developer

via Udacity Nanodegree


Learn how to create server-side, data-driven web applications that support any front-end and can scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.


  • SQL and Data Modeling for the Web
    • Master relational databases with the power of SQL, and leverage Python to incorporate database logic into your programs.
  • API Development and Documentation
    • Learn how to use APIs to control and manage web applications, including best practices for API testing and documentation.
  • Identity Access Management
    • Implement authentication and authorization in Flask and understand how to design against key security principle. You will also gain experience with role-based control design patterns, securing a REST API, and applying software system risk and compliance principles.
  • Server Deployment and Containerization
    • Develop an understanding of containerized environments, use Docker to share and store containers, and deploy a Docker container to a Kubernetes cluster using AWS

Taught by

Amy Hua, Caryn McCarthy, Gabriel Ruttner, Kennedy Behrman, Tobechukwu O., Przemyslaw W., Ivan C., Fred M., Kafilat A. and Arthur K.


3.9 rating, based on 16 Class Central reviews

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  • Profile image for Jude Kuti
    Jude Kuti
    My Life Saver It was a rigourous curriculum but it exposed me to every bit of detail I am currently applying in my workplace. It gave me immense insight into the tools I am using now. I applied for 4 jobs with a well polished linkedin page and couple...
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    I am a very big fan of udacity. I so far have taken 4 nanodegrees. all were awesome. Except the fullstack degree I dont know what happened here. theres alot of gaps. Badly explained concepts. outdated content and code.
  • Anonymous
    I get to learn and practice the core concepts in a very short time. Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to implement the solution because I am new to the technology, however, mentors are there to help you. And also reviews of the projects guides you to the right direction so I c an research more about the topic. Thank you
  • Xiaofeng Hao
    Great Nanodegree
    This is a great nanodegree in Udacity. The projects are harder than front-end nanodegree. That means in this nanodegree need more coding and application design experience to finish. I will not recommend this nanodegree just after you finished Front-End nanodegree. It is better have over 2000 line python, 2000 javascript coding experience and at least 1~2 independent front-end projects before taking Full-stack nanodegree. If not, you may think there is a too big gap between project 1 and project 2.

    The projects in this nanodegree is OK to put in your resume, while the projects in Front-End nanodegree are too simple. That means this nanodegree is valuable for both job hunting and self-improvement.
  • Sally Wong
    "I have learned so much in this project and learned so much from the mentors. I wish I had more time to work on it. I really appreciate the fact we can extend the learning time. Thank you Udacity for creating this program."
  • Anonymous
    Slightly outdated
    The course helped me to get an overview of the full stack development process. Some courses were more helpful than others. For example, I liked the Linux course a lot, while the OAuth course felt like a word-by-word rehash (with no real additional value) of online sources which you might as well have read by yourself. It was also the OAuth part which was slightly outdated due to the google APIs having changed. It wasn't hard to look up the new APIs but many students still used the course material as basis for their own projects, so I think an update would be good.
    The forum support was really good. Project reviews were also detailed.
  • Anonymous
    Simply Awesome
    Fullstack nanodegree is simply awesome. I absolutely had an amazing time learning while going through each project. I think the first two project are not as challenging as the last 3 and for the right reasons. This track unveils world of possibilities and gives a chance to tackle exciting technologies. Coaches, staff, reviewers, students are all very supportive and really help you get to the finish line. Coming from Finance and Economic background, I believe this course has helped me tremendously in my early software engineering career.
  • Diego Hernández
    I took this nanodegree and it was quite good. The reviews of the LinkedIn & Github profiles & the Career sections were quite useful and actually I got a new job. Some of the technologies look outdated, although just for reviewing some concepts were adequate. The best part was SQL & Data Modeling section, and the Containerization & Deployment section was unstructured.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Too expensive for what it has to offer. This is not intermediate level, but beginner level, the course revolves around Flask and provides information widely available for free. If they really wanted to teach a proper framework they might have offerend django.
    Very dissapointed, asked for cancellation.
  • Profile image for Edmond Liang
    Edmond Liang
    Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree
    There are 5 projects you have to finish to complete this course.
    You will learn a lot of thing in doing these project.
    In addition, They provide one on one session, office hour and forum to help you when you stuck.
    After you complete the course, you can join Udacity Alumni and Udacity Slack group to grow your network and have Udacity coach to prepare you coding interview.
  • Anonymous
    Rigorous But Fantastic Program
    This course was very difficult, but totally worth it. I learned a great deal about servers, HTTP, authentication and other topics.
  • Anonymous
    So far, this Nanodegree program has been great. The structured curriculum matches my needs. I am also impressed by the how hands-on approach to learning and the project reviews.
  • Anonymous
    Great Experience
    This nanodegree was a great experience for the value. The lessons were very detailed and explanatory. The instructors encourage you to learn more outside of the course material and keep you motivated throughout the degree. The projects are very good and probably the most important part of the nanodegree program. They help you make sure that you fully understand the material you were just taught and are good enough to add to your portfolio. The project reviewers were very helpful and give very good advice on how to improve and fix your projects after submission. All in all I would recommend this nanodegree program for anyone interested in a Fullstack Web Development Nanodegree.
  • Broad and relevant skills
    Having taken 3 Nanodegrees, I thought that this ND was first-rate and complemented the other two very well. It covers a very broad skill set, spanning multiple frameworks and technologies: vanilla Python, SQL (postgres), Flask, Google App Engine, and even remoting into and managing a LAMP(ython) server. It's important to note that the primary purpose is to teach full-stack fundamentals, and not the specific frameworks; to that end, it helped me add extremely relevant skills to my toolbelt that I have applied to other tech stacks: Ruby on Rails and MEAN.
  • Anonymous
    I learned a lot - enough to build professional web applications
    It's a tough course, and it feels very real world. In order to accomplish the projects you need to be able to do lots of independent research. They don't give you the tools to solve every problem, they give you the tool to figure out how to solve every problem.

    While I'm new to this field of programming, I know from past experience in other fields that the most important skill is "how to figure it out". They teach that in spades!
  • Anonymous
    Outdated beyond that of acceptable standards
    There is no peer community for this Nano Track, compared to the better developed tracks such as Data Analyst (which have better documentation and submission/timelines).

    This Track has clearly been abandoned by Udacity.

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