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Google Cloud

Industrial IoT on Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Google via Coursera

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Learn Industrial Internet of Things on Google Cloud


  • Welcome to Industrial IoT on Google Cloud
    • This course is an introduction to IoT in general and Cloud IoT on Google Cloud specifically. The course is divided into seven sections, and each of these section covers a specific area of IoT architecture. We learn about the Cloud side of IOT, IoT Core, Pub/Sub, and Dataflow. We also learn about Implementing a pipeline from their device to BigQuery and Dataprep and using BigQuery, Dataprep and Google Data Studio to gain insights into IoT data.
  • What is IoT?
    • This section begins with a discussion of the basic structure of an IoT network, followed by a discussion of how IoT is done on Google Cloud.
  • Sensors, Devices, and Communication
    • This module covers how to select a sensor, how to select a device, the role of devices, and standard IoT communication protocols. Since the focus of the course is on the Cloud side of IoT, things that are not on the Cloud, like actual sensors and devices are not used in this course. Instead, the labs use simulated devices and data.
  • Google Cloud's IoT Platform
    • This section covers the ingest and process stages of IoT architecture. Data ingesting and processing are accomplished using Google's fully integrated services known as IoT Core, Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, and Dataflow. You do a mini lab for each of the services discussed in this section. This reinforces the concepts just learned, and allows you to practice using the Google Cloud console.
  • Creating IoT Data Streaming Pipelines
    • This module leads the learner through a complete IoT on Google Cloud data pipeline. You use simulated devices to create a pipeline, and store data on Cloud Storage. The lab in this module uses all the skills you've learned in module three, combining each of the services into a fully integrated streaming data pipeline.
  • Analyzing Data with BigQuery
    • In this module, you use BigQuery to analyze streaming IoT data. You'll do this by creating a BigQuery table and streaming data to it using a streaming data pipeline.
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Dataprep and Data Studio
    • In this module, you learn about Dataprep and Google Data Studio. Dataprep by Trifecta is an intelligent data service for visually exploring, cleaning, and preparing structured and unstructured data for analysis. Google Data Studio is a data-reporting and dashboarding solution.
  • Course Review
    • A review of the course learning objectives

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