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Deep Dive into AWS Storage Gateway

Amazon and Amazon Web Services via Independent


This 300-level self-paced course introduces you to the AWS Storage Gateway features and the functions of its three modes: File, Volume, and Tape. It teaches you how to create and manage each type of gateway by using the AWS Management Console. In addition, it provides you with the skills to apply AWS security features to protect access to your data in the gateway and in the AWS Cloud. Finally, it teaches you how to monitor gateways for performance and troubleshoot common problems that can arise in the day-to-day operation of a Storage Gateway.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for:

  • On-premises IT infrastructure administrators
  • On-premises storage engineers
  • Cloud enterprise architects
  • Cloud operations engineers
  • DevOps engineers
  • Backup/DR engineers

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the AWS Storage Gateway service
  • Describe the types and features of AWS Storage Gateway
  • Determine when to use which AWS Storage Gateway
  • Create a file gateway, volume gateway, and tape gateway
  • Manage gateways
  • Secure gateways
  • Monitor and tune gateway performance
  • Troubleshoot the Storage Gateway
  • Describe the pricing model for using Storage Gateway



This course covers the following concepts:


  • Course Objectives
  • Challenge
  • Product Description of AWS Storage Gateway
  • Common Use Cases

Section 1: AWS Storage Gateway Overview

  • Storage Gateway Features and Use Cases
  • Common Storage Gateway Capabilities
  • Overview of the File Gateway
  • Overview of the Volume Gateway
  • Overview of the Tape Gateway
  • On-Premises Deployment Options
  • Deploying to EC2

Section 2: Deep Dive into Storage Gateway Types

  • Storage Gateway Architecture
  • How Applications Read and Write Data to the Gateway
  • Functions of the Cache and Upload Buffer
  • Deep Dive into File Gateway
  • Deep Dive into Volume Gateway
  • Deep Dive into Tape Gateway

Section 3: Creating Storage Gateways

  • Creating a File Gateway
  • Demo: Creating a File Gateway with AWS Management Console
  • Creating a Volume Gateway
  • Demo: Creating a Volume Gateway with AWS Management Console
  • Creating a Tape Gateway
  • Demo: Creating a Tape Gateway with AWS Management Console

Section 4: Managing Storage Gateways

  • Managing a File Gateway
  • Managing a Volume Gateway
  • Managing a Tape Gateway
  • Automating Gateway Management (API)

Section 5: Storage Gateway Security

  • AWS Authentication Identities
  • Configuring CHAP Authentication
  • Access Control
  • IAM Policies
  • Gateway Operations and Permissions
  • Storage Gateway Resource Ownership
  • End-to-End Security

Section 6: Monitoring Storage Gateway Performance

  • Storage Gateway Data Flow
  • How Storage Gateway Transfers Data to AWS
  • CloudWatch Metrics for the Storage Gateway
  • Monitoring Data Transfer to AWS
  • Detecting Data Transfer Bottlenecks
  • Monitoring Videos
  • Resources for Troubleshooting a Storage Gateway
  • On-Premises Gateway Issues
  • File Gateway and File Share Issues
  • Volume Gateway and Volume Issues
  • Tape Gateway and Virtual Tape Issues

Section 7: Storage Gateway Pricing

  • Pricing model for AWS Storage Gateway
  • Tools for viewing Storage Gateway usage and cost


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