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Project-Based Learning to Enhance Key Competences

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The Project-Based Learning to Enhance Key Competences course introduces you to two key concepts that can help you shift your teaching to an engaging and effective learning process. The course will help you to implement a project-based learning (PBL) approach in your classroom so as to develop key competences for lifelong learning, such as entrepreneurship, digital competence, citizenship, and others.

We will start with a reflection process about the period of remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, so as to understand how PBL can be an effective method in online, blended, and face-to-face settings and should be seen as mechanism to take lessons learnt from this period into the new school year.

We will also investigate the different components of a PBL approach, such as student collaboration or student agency, and how they can help us to address some of the key competences for lifelong learning. Furthermore, we will be sharing tools and strategies that can help us to implement a PBL approach and discuss how best to assess PBL.

As part of the course, you will be working on your own PBL scenario for implementation in your classroom, which should set you on a good path to try out this inspiring method once the course comes to an end.



Module 1: Purpose – Why PBL?        

Start date: 28/09/2020 12:00


Module 2: Process – Implementing PBL, Part 1        

Start date: 05/10/2020 12:00


Module 3: Process – Implementing PBL, Part 2        

Start date: 12/10/2020 12:00


Module 4: Outcomes – Assessing PBL           

Start date: 19/10/2020 12:00


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4.9 rating, based on 14 reviews

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  • This course helped me prooving some of my previous thoughts and experiences, and introducing to some new ideas, views and facts. Even though I am not a history teacher, it really mooved me to think about using history facts within my work and making an useful and interesting learning scenario. Nevertheless, this course made me a better teacher, and a better human being.
  • Anonymous
    This course has been very interesting and it will be useful for my lessons in the future. Discrimination is a topic which is rarely discussed in schools and we are witnessing more and more negativity in humans every day. Children need to be taught from an early age that all people deserved to be loved and appreciated regardless of their nationality, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. This course shows real people's stories and experiences in the past and present, and thus influences young people more than just theory in texts. I'm looking forward to deal with the topic of prejudices and discrimination with my students.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for your great effort to make to us this course .I enjoyed a lot working through this course .I advise you to join this work .It helps you to be more clear when you design your plan and share experience with other .

    This course was short but very informative and very helpful for an aspiring leader like myself. It also helped me understand how to view or understand when I receive feedback. I highly recommend it!!
  • Anonymous
    The course was extremely useful and introduced some new ideas how to implement Blended learning in teaching and use different forms of flipped classroom.

    During the course we had opportunity to attend two webinar on eTwinning platform which which widened our pedagogical and methodological knowledge
  • Anonymous
    I completed the course last week, and it was a wonderful learning journey. The course was filled with several new ideas that educators can implement practically. It actually opened my mind to think about the areas relevant to PBL that I wouldn't have...
  • Anonymous
    The course has proved innovative for content and engaging in its structure.

    PBL has really opened up my mind and I am sure, with remote teaching, I will develop new projects following this effective methodology.

    The PBL course has provided a perfect balance between virtual classroom study and self-study. Thanks to the videos, the detailed guidelines, and the flexibility of the course I managed to learn from the comfort of my own home, completing the assigned tasks at my own pace.

    Thank you.

  • Sandra Maria Da Silva Santos
    This course was very interesting although I didn't finished the last activity. I procrastinated and I'm sorry I did...

    I think all the examples given were of much help but I still need more. I got to the last activity with the feeling of "you can do it" but starting a project based learning isn't an easy task and requires reflection on every step. I'll just have to get deeper into it.

    Anyway, thank you so much for all the useful information and tips.
  • Profile image for Nilay Çelik
    Nilay Çelik
    First of all, this course made me look back at teaching and learning methods. It showed that we need to review our goals and that education and training is actually a journey that offers creative solutions to practical life. Teaching students to learn should be the primary goal of a teacher to invite them to endless possibilities. This course is a great guide giving you tips on how to do this.
  • Anonymous
    It has been a wonderful experience. The course was well-structured and easy to understand. I had the opportunity to communicate with very interesting people, exchange ideas and learn new things.
    I would to thank the course coordinators as well as my colleagues for their kind words and really helpful reviews.
    I hope to meet again in another learning event.

    Kind regards
  • Profile image for Kristina Tina
    Kristina Tina
    Excellent course and a lot of new ideas. It helped me a lot to dig a little bit deeper into the topic and to learn a lot more than just PBL. After finishing this course I feel more confident to practice PBL im my classroom.
  • Profile image for Edita Rizvan
    Edita Rizvan
    These are excellent courses, useful to all teachers.

    We learn and develop professionally. I look forward to learning this way.

    This course is well designed.
  • Anonymous
    This course took place with a methodology suitable for its content. It also required active participation in the process. and I liked it very much.
  • Anonymous
    Very usefull and interesting! Sometimes is not easy to understand everything but, with more time, it will better to read all the resources available.
  • Anonymous
    Useful and helpful course! Thanks for materials and ideas! I will apply many exemples in my daily work with children.

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