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Python for Everybody - Exploring Information

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Learn Python even if you have no programming background.


1: Installing Python

The first task is to work through the installation steps including installing Python and text editor ...

2: Why Program?

We learn why one might want to learn to program, and look at the basic issues with learning to progr ...

3: Variables, expressions, and statements

We learn how to make variables and store data in those variables.

4: Conditional Execution

We look at how Python executes some statements and skips others.

5: Functions

Take a brief look at how Python implements the 'store and use later' programming pattern.

6: Loops and Iterations

We look at how Python repeats statements using looping structures.

7: Strings

We look at how Python stores and mnipulates textual data using string variables and functions.

8: Files

We learn how to open data files on your computer and read throught the files using Python.

9: Lists

We look at Python's simplest data structure - the list. Lists can store more than one item in a var ...

10: Dictionaries

The dictionary data structures allows us to store multiple values in an object and look up the value ...

11: Tuples

The tuple is a Python data structure that is like a simple and efficient list.

12: Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions allow us to search for patterns in strings and extract data from strings using t ...

13: Network Programming

We take a quick look at how data moves acros the network using th HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP ...

14: Using Web Services

Web services allow a program to access data available in a different server.

15: Object-Oriented Programming

We do a quick look at how Python supports the Object-Oriented programming pattern.

16: Databases

Databases give us very fast random access to large amounts of data.

17: Data Visualization

In this section, we learn to scrape data from the network, store the data in a database and then rea ...

Taught by

Charles Severance from University of Michigan

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4.9 rating, based on 77 reviews

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  • Python is amazing and very effective to use, this explanation means a lot to me in understanding the field. For me python has changed the life of the world to be easier and the future will look very much closer when I start to open this all. thank you again and may god bless you.
  • Anonymous
    PY4E is a fantastic course!
    It starts with Python from scratch by teaching the general essential basics.
    Later in the course you learn how to access text files, scrape the web, access databases and much more. In the final chapter you will see how to visualize the data via JavaScript & HTML which might be very useful if you start your own projects later on.

    I find it personally very educational and can strongly recommend it. Despite this the course is a lot of fun and there are also many exercises to check if the content of new chapters has been understood.
  • Anonymous
    This is my first class online during the tough times for the covid-19 virus. This class truly help me a lot, it is a python class for everyone who want to improve yourself. Dr Chunk is such a genius that he can convert all these specialized terminology into something interesting and easy to understand. The way he talks just like telling you a story. And I am very moved for someone like me can even to take part in the class for free. I am looking forward to join more classes!
  • Anonymous
    A very good course about Python. It is given by an experienced instructor, who is abel to learn new and difficult stuff in an very understandeble manner. Not only the videos but also the problems to solve helps understanding. Only the last lessons are more difficult. Clearly meant to dig in yourself and find out how more smaller programs can efficient and more understandeble solve difficult problems. Thanks for this great course.
  • Anonymous
    I wish dr. chuck could be my teacher. The way he teaches and just sends over a piece of information to the student is so seamless and so perfect.. seriously, I have never met such an amazing teacher that just delivers courses the way he does. I'm in love with this course and it's helping me throughout my years of decision-making for what I will be going for in my higher educations.
  • Profile image for Abdul Salam Yussif
    Abdul Salam Yussif
    in fact this is the best tutorials i've had from all python tutorials so far. I'd recommend it for anyone who is interested in learning python. The teaching methodology is more interactive and interactive exercises coupled with a lot of examples. It also incorporates a lot of friendly videos and does'nt makes one bored when sitting on the tutorials
  • Anonymous
    Very good. It is step by step. The person who is explaining it takes time to explain to you to help you remember and understand. I would recommend this to people who are getting started. It also challenges you and gives you assignments to challenge. You also code yourself. In the courses, you get videos, assignments and you also have to read.You can even change the language. :)
  • Anonymous
    Its the best way to gain confidence in coding through practice and regular exercises,

    it took me 4 weeks for almost completing the course with understanding, not only for beginners but also for those who want to brush up their , its the best place to go
  • Profile image for Alessandro Lenti
    Alessandro Lenti
    This course is well structured, the instructor is able to convey effectively the concepts and the assessments and exercises are designed to properly test the knowledge.
    On top of all of this, this course is free and it's really "for Everybody"
    5 stars well deserved!
  • Andrew Griffin completed this course, spending 4 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be medium.

    Great course with really good explanations of the basics for Python programming. I would definitely recommend that anyone considering taking a programming course should take this course first. While you start from the bare bones basics as you progress through the course you are quickly introduced to some harder ideas and concepts.
  • Yashoda Soongra
    This course is the best free course available on internet. Dr Chuck (Instructor) is amazing. He is very good at explaining all the technicalities in very short videos. I would recommend this course to all the beginners.
  • Anonymous
    Clear and very carefully helps everybody ( as the title PY..4E ) to learn this language. Lots of videos, exercises and quizzes drive you through the deepest and wonderful algorithms of Python and , not to forget, it is free.
  • Anonymous
    This is the best code a beginner can have to understand all the basic concepts of programming and python. This is an effort that can never be ignored and must always be admired. We thank you Dr. Charles Severance.
  • Anonymous
    Very good course and it is the best way to start the learning curve in python. Basics were taught effectively with assignments and open grade tool which helped us to asses ourselves to see the learning.
  • Anonymous
    I absolutely loved this class! Everything is well built up and explained, the exercises are fun to do, and although I had 0 programming background I now feel like I could write some useful programs.
  • Anonymous
    Its an amazing course. Which removes the fear of programming from me and inspire me to love it.

    Thanks & much appreciate the efforts of Dr. Chuck to change our perception towards programming.

  • Anonymous
    Videos are superb, coach has quality knowledge.
    Assignments are not good at all. There are no tests for them. Its really chunky and old style. Especially if you compare them to like Also the code editor is garbage sometimes puts spaces or tabs or even whitespaces. Easier to use your own and copy paste back in.
  • Profile image for Marcos Parra
    Marcos Parra
    Great!! absolutely useful, great explanations, very serious material. I´m Learning a lot even in Spanish which is quite well translated Thanks!!
  • Profile image for Jake Cruise
    Jake Cruise
    Excellent course, can't imagine a better resource for learning Python. Great mix of video lectures, resources, and evaluation.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    It's cordial enough to build a beginner in Python. From the very beginning, you pass your time in building blocks. But when you are accustomed with them, the syntax of the language is amazing in middle now. So, I can't stop except forwarding to the finishing the course.

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