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Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics

Esri via Independent

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Use location to find patterns and tackle complex problems.

Spatial data science allows analysts to extract deeper insight from data using a comprehensive set of analytical methods and spatial algorithms, including machine learning and deep learning techniques. This course explores the application of spatial data science to uncover hidden patterns and improve predictive modeling. You'll work with powerful analytical tools in Esri's ArcGIS software and learn how to integrate popular open data science packages into your analyses.




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  • Excellent opportunity to delve into detail on data preparation and analysis for spatial data science projects -- including video explanations of various machine learning and deep learning algorithms with spatial components + learn about space-time c…
  • This course was challenging yet fun with many interactive exercises in data engineering, visualization, predictive analysis, hot spot analysis, and much more! The course used Jupyter notebooks, Pandas data frames and basic python to walk us through exercises. It was a great introduction to the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro. I would highly recommend taking this course when it is available again.
  • Xenofon Karagiannis completed this course, spending 2 hours a week on it and found the course difficulty to be easy.

    This course is an overview of some of the endless number of tools offered by ArcGIS. The course includes weekly short videos and one or two practical exercises on ArcGIS. The video lessons are really... gentle. They don't include technical details…
  • Profile image for Kaushal Chapagain
    Kaushal Chapagain

    Kaushal Chapagain completed this course.

    The course is one of the best course that i have done. It includes videos which are very concise, insightful and entertaining. The exercise steps are very easy to follow avoiding ambiguity. The additional exercise (or called stretch goals in the co…
  • Anonymous
    The course offers access to ArcGIS Pro 2.8 and guided me through diverse methodologies of spatial data analysis, including data visualization, pattern mining, or creating a suitability model. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in spatial data analysis. The most enjoyable thing was the community that was formed during the course (through the forum). Definitively worth it!
  • Anonymous
    A highly recommended, enjoyable, and useful training class. This course easily explained some really tough concepts about GIS Analysis, Data Science and Analysis, and statistical tools. It introduced the student to Python, R, Jupyter Notebooks, condas, Pandas, machine learning, automated intelligence, deep learning, suitability analysis, point pattern analysis, space-time pattern mining, story books to reach non-GIS audiences, statistical regression analysis, and about data and clean inputs. All of the subjects were covered in understandable, practical, and real-life ways, encouraging one to find new ways to apply what was presented. The students could learn from or help others through a forum that one could post problems and solutions.
  • Kamal Pandey
    This course has allowed me to learn the concept of basic spatial analysis to the advanced spatial analysis through AI/ML/DL approach. The course is very usefull for all the beginner of Spatial Data Science and aspire to build a career in SDS.
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the course:Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics. The instructors made many of the concepts of data science such as visualization, modelling, pattern detection, predictions, and story mapping simple to understand.
  • Sangat menyenangkan mengikuti kursus online ini, semoga ilmunya bermanfaat dan dapat di kembangkan lagi.. terimakasih
  • Kamila Gorecka
    Very well prepared course, everything was thoroughly explained. The course covered many topics and functions that ArcGIS offers. Supplementary videos were helpful to understand the background of the analysis and how to choose the right tool for the specific analysis.
  • Anonymous
    The program is clear, concise, and well-explained. A fantastic accessible approach to tools that at first blush seem too complicated for a beginner to touch. You will understand more than you think!
  • Amadou Diakite
    Very useful course for all GIS specialists whatever is your working sector. The course is very well written and organized. Looking forward the next MOOC
  • Anonymous
    I have taken many of the ESRI MOOCs and all have been good. I have learned something each time and highly recommend these generous offerings. Of the ESRI MOOCs, I think that "Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics" was the MOOC where…
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    I enjoyed the ArcGIS Story- I got steadily engrossed while reading the story "In the Shadow of a Volcano”. How beautifully it is written, each sentence connects to the real-world scenario and adding maps and photos were simply tip on that. I understand that analysis can be more effective and approachable if a tale is attached to it. I also loved that how Hot Spot Analysis, Deep Learning and Finding Patterns can help the predictions. Great work done by team. Thanks for your effort!!!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    This course was extremely helpful in understanding what place "spatial" takes in machine learning. It definitely requires some stats/modeling experience, although most concepts were explained simply and effectively. The course takes you through all four stages of a data science project: ETL, training, inferencing, and sharing the results. I especially liked how much focus the course gave to the art of storytelling.
  • Anonymous
    I am very impressed of how ESRI created advanced but still simple to use for spatial data science. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I recommend anyone who are interested in acquiring new skills in spatial data science to register for such MOOC.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taking this course right now.

    Very helpful and insightful course in spatial data science. I enjoyed the videos and exercises that was put together by the team. Introduction to spatial data science concepts and techniques were easy to understand along with examples provided. Overall, a great course and and is highly recommended. Thanks Esri!
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    Special Data Science is a course that I would recommend for all data science enthusiasts. The course learning materials and exercises provided ensure that the learner gains the hands-on skills from the course.
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous completed this course.

    The course is very good, one of the best I have attended. The team of intructors is excelente and the concepts they share are of great value. The exrecises are well planned to meet the goals.
  • Anonymous
    Great course by one of the global players, ESRI.

    Free software for the duration of the course is provided, all you need is a reasonably up-to-date computer, deep learning modeling can take some time.

    course materials are of outstanding quality, pdf's and sample data are for keeps as well as the certificate of course !

    5 stars.

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