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The Location Advantage

Esri via Independent

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Location analytics uses the locational component of business data to improve users' understanding of their market, customers, and business processes. Organizations throughout the world use location analytics to make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage. This free, instructor-led MOOC explores the capabilities of Esri Business Analyst Online.


Section 1

The Location Advantage in Business

This lesson will show how using location information can enhance analysis and help businesses optimize resources, visualize assets, and streamline workflow processes.

Section 2

Understanding Market Opportunity

Market planning is the process of analyzing one or more markets to determine how a business can optimally compete. Location plays a key role in understanding and prioritizing this strategy.

Section 3

Choosing the Right Location

Where you locate your business will have a major impact on how well it performs. Choosing the right location could be the difference between business success and failure.

Section 4

Understanding Your Customer

Marketing is the process of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. This lesson will focus on market segmentation, a key method for dividing a target market into consumer subsets.

Section 5

Improving Supply-Chain Management with Spatial Analysis

In this lesson, you will learn how to examine the supply chain by using location information flow and logistics to gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction.

Section 6

Avoiding Risk with Location-Based Decision Making

The identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks, paired with existing resources, can help determine the probability of future events to maximize the realization of opportunities.


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  • I was a repeat...too busy last time. I think you really get involved in some strategic thinking and utilization of ESRI products makes so much sense. I pinch myself that I took the plunge into "health geography" well over a decade ago. I may be a little slow on the uptake, but when you get it, you get it. My favorite MOOC so far. Of course, Location Advantage is fresh in my mind. Can't wait for my next MOOC.
  • This was a great course on how to use Business Analyst and ArcGIS Online as tools for the integration of location into business analysis and related decision-making. The sample data in the exercises seemed very realistic and the skills gained are definitely applicable within today's workforce.
    This course was great. So much to learn. I specially like the analytical capabilties of the software. Complex looking problems were easily solved . The tutorial steps were also very clear and succinct. Businesses rule the world , but what use is…
  • Anonymous
    From This Course, I learn and know How Manage a Business with location and we can explain what the customer need from business and our products. I hope for next Course there are Simulation directly from ESRI teams about ArcGIS Online Operate base on the topics.
  • GIS locational maps are very informative because it shows all the direction on the Google. GIS is very helpful for business and education. Geographic Information System is very powerful factor for all educated inhabitants of the world.
  • Anonymous
    If you own a business and want to expand your customer base, plan on opening new facilities, minimize risk and make more money or just want to know more about GIS and business this course is for you!
  • Anonymous
    Ótima oportunidade de conhecer outras funcionalidades e aplicações das análises através do ArcGIS. Abrange várias áreas de negócios (Supply Chain, Análise de Riscos, Marketing)
  • Anonymous
    a greast course....ola to the esri team it will help the students community to get more exploration in gis..................................
  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed the succinct nature of the lectures and the breakdown of the concept of location advantages from suitability to risk management analysis.
  • Anonymous
    Very informative course. Using GIS technology, we can prepare maps, visualize, and analyze several hazards types and their impact on the region or society. The Location Advantage is the best way to understand the spatial component of GIS beyond the…
  • Anonymous
    This is a very standard course for all, specially for GIS analysts, Managers in different industries
    and most importantly Business Analysts. The key points are very nicely arranged in systematic manners in this course. Hence, to provide a clear understanding an exercise part also kept. One who want to acquire more knowledge on each topic, they can take time week on week basis and complete exercises with confidence. By arranging it in 6 weeks of time has given ample free space to all for better understanding of the subject. Thanks ESRI for wonderful content and initiative.
  • Anonymous
    No matter what industry you are in, I think this course serves as a good first step in learning about how location matters to any business. They provide exercise each week and you get to play around with the software, which is quite fun if you like maps, data and imagery. A class forum is there for students to ask & answer questions, and the instructors are monitoring it as well to assist us. I really enjoyed this MOOC!
  • Anonymous
    I have learned about the importance of location analytics; understanding how location analytics and location-based marketing can help understand customers and tailor marketing activities to customer need; location and supply chain management, and how location affects the costs associated; the role of location analysis in business continuity planning, disaster response planning, and decision support systems, and more.
  • Anonymous
    Great Course for someone very unfamiliar with where the information derives from. I utilize applications laid across data sets and query against the information. Queries are for reporting to users only and not for forecasting only total number reporting/no analysis.

    I consider myself completed - not able to submit survey on any ie11, firefox, chrome etc
  • Anonymous
    A six week class that gives a thorough introduction to using Business Analyst and ArcGIS Online software in the frame of business issues. This class shows how location skills make sense for businesses of all kinds. You will learn technical geography skills as well as business applications of the skills. Well suited to a global economy.
  • Joanne Sissler
    Very interesting and intuitive assignments that encourage exploration of the Business Analyst GIS software. The classes also included interviews from professors or business people currently utilizing the approaches and techniques discussed. Fun, insightful, and approachable!
  • Anonymous
    Its a very good season. really i enjoy and many things are i learn. I recommended if possible to increase practical seasons its a very helpful for a beginner who are learn new thinks. And also professionals.By increasing new analyzing methods, its very helpful for all.
  • Anonymous
    The course itself contains well-thought out and easy to use materials that helped me comprehend these concepts and expand my knowledge of GIS applications in business and so much more. I look forward to taking more of these courses in the near future!
  • Anonymous
    Congrats to ESRI's Training Team.
    I appreciated this course a lot.
    In my understanding it's positioned at the beginner's level, but offers a great content.
    Well thought exercises and a very good coverage of the topics regarding the subject matter.
  • Anonymous

    its a very nice course.
    It will be helpful in many cases. Some direct or live session will be very helpful for better discussion.


    Wish to get information about these type of course in future.

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