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Business Chinese 1 中级汉语 (上)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University via Coursera


《中级汉语(商务篇)》慕课是为汉语水平达到HSK三级的外国留学生制作的汉语学习慕课。它以汉语语言知识和交际技能为主要教学内容,培养留学生在一般工作情景和真实商务情境中运用汉语进行交际的能力,将生活汉语与商务汉语有机融合,情境设计贴近飞速发展的科技和商务生活,能同时满足留学生日常生活、学习和工作的需求。语法内容涵盖了HSK 三、四、五级考纲中的所有语法重点及要点;语料新鲜而实用,以HSK三、四、五级词汇为主。学习结束后汉语能达到HSK四、五级的水平,并兼具生活和基本商务交际语言技能。

The MOOC of Intermediate Business Chinese is designed for the Chinese language learners who have reached HSK level 3. The MOOC presents lively, authentic, and up-to-date dialogues for daily conversations and business communications. The contents integrate trendy technologies with real-life situations that can be applied to everyday lives, language classrooms, and working places. The course also covers all the key grammar points and patterns in HSK level 3-5. Students are expected to reach HSK level 4-5 when they complete the course and be able to effectively communicate in daily lives and professional settings from intermediate-mid to advanced-low levels.


  • 第一课 我要办一张交通卡 Dì yī kè Wǒ yào bàn yì zhānɡ jiāotōnɡ kǎ
  • 第二课 需要我去机场接你吗?Xūyào wǒ qù jīchǎnɡ jiē nǐ mɑ?
  • 第三课 坐大巴是在这里等吗?Zuò dàbā shì zài zhèli děnɡ mɑ?
  • 第四课 你们是怎么来的?
  • 第五课 我预订了一个单人间 Wǒ yùdìng le yígè dānrén jiān

Taught by

Gu Ying

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