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Learn to Code

via Udacity Nanodegree


Programming knowledge is indispensable in today’s world, and learning to code is one of the most valuable and useful things you can do. Whether you’re launching a career, advancing a career, or just excited to learn a new skill, there is no time like the present to start learning, and this program offers everything you need to get up to speed—with no prior programming skills required.
Udacity's Intro to Programming is your first step towards careers in Web and App Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, and more! This program is perfect for beginners.


Prerequisite Knowledge

In order to succeed, we recommend having experience using the web, being able to perform a search on Google, and (most importantly) the determination to keep pushing forward!See detailed requirements.

  • Intro to HTML

    It begins! Get oriented, learn the basics of HTML, and write your first line of code!

  • Intro to CSS

    Add style to your HTML code with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Experiment with adjusting various style rules in CSS to make your website shine. Achieve the look and presentation you want for your own webpage.

    Animal Trading Cards
  • Intro to Python

    Explore fundamental programming concepts in Python like logic checks, data structures, and functions through interactive quizzes and practice on your own computer. Learn syntax, debugging techniques and basic problem-solving concepts.

    Adventure Game
  • Intro to JavaScript

    Learn the fundamentals of web programming using JavaScript, the ubiquitous language for creating dynamic web applications.

    Pixel Art Maker

Taught by

Karl Krueger, Kelly Howard, Julia Van Cleve, James Parkes, Richard Kalehoff, Greg C., Yodit F., Matthew R., John M., Vincenzo A. and James L.

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4.5 rating, based on 11 reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Amazing Experience! Learning the basics of programming through the courses on introduction of web development has been a rewarding experience. IPND truly laid a strong foundation to the world of programming. The thing I found best about IPND is its focus...
  • Aamod Omprakash
    Decent intro, but needs improvement This course gives an introduction to HTML, CSS, and Python, and also gives students the option to dive deeper into one of the following subfields: data analysis, front end, back end, or IOS programming. The nanodegree...
  • Learn to think like a programmer
    Full review:

    Probably the most important thing you leave this Nanodegree with is the ability to think like a programmer. You are able to solve problems in a structured and efficient manner. This skill is important in programming, as well as in other areas of life.

    The general positivity of the program’s instructors is also very noticeable and it is awesome. The company’s upbeat, welcoming learning environment is a major reason why I am sticking with Udacity as my main source of online education.
  • Anonymous
    So far it has been excellent, html,css are very job worthy courses , now I am taking my time with Python & Javascript . You are helping career changers like me to get over the initial fear and succeed, I can't thank you enough ". Enjoying learning programming basics and doing little projects everyday. The instructors for this course are very gifted in explaining how to use new concepts to create projects and it reallys with you. I can't thank them enough.
  • Awesome Introduction into the world of Coding
    Even though i have some coding background, it´s awesome how this course helps to better understand how programming actually works & how you can use it to solve problems.

    It never claims to be a job-readiness course, though. At the end, you´ll get a better understanding of which roles are important in the programming landscape (frontend/backend, android, data-analysts etc.).
  • Anonymous
    Lot of Experience
    Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive Like it Instructive
  • Profile image for D. S.
    D. S.
    Excellent springboard!
    Having some experience prior to starting this Nanodegree was a boon to my success, that and the time I was able to devote. Overall it was a great experience . I was able to strengthen knowledge I already had while learning some new concepts throughout. The focus shifts periodically from front-end to back-end web and software development.
  • Absolutely Enjoyed the Journey
    I graduated with the Intro to programming nanodegree with 5 months. It was an awesome challenge for me coming from no computer science background. The program was very creative in its structure and the projects required. With that, I decided to enter a new nanodegree which I am taking now "Beginner iOS - Swift"
  • Anonymous
    So far has exceeded my expectations in how engaging the content is, rather than just watching videos. Feedback to project submissions is detailed and constructive, and obviously provided by a real person. A very pleasant and positive learning experience so far.
  • Anonymous
    A great foundation for programming
    Exposes you to both the front and back-end of programming. The lessons and projects were both interesting, and challenging enough to make you really learn the concepts and apply them.
  • Anonymous
    This is worth your time and resources. Instructors are friendly and course gets more relevant as it advances.

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