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Lead Management With HubSpot

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If you're like most marketing and sales teams, turning more leads into customers is a high priority. But with so many ways to accomplish this, knowing where to prioritize your efforts can be confusing. That’s why organizations are relying on lead management to understand their leads’ paths to purchase and to develop an effective process for managing leads seamlessly. In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of lead management, how to develop an effective strategy that aligns your marketing and sales teams, and how to implement lead management with various HubSpot tools.


    • Introduction to Lead Management
      • If you ask different organizations to define lead management, you'll likely hear varying definitions. Lead management will vary depending on how they define a lead, how their company operates, and what their current goals are. However, every professional agrees that lead management is crucial for any scaling business. In this lesson, you'll learn why lead management is important, the fundamentals of all lead management processes, and what lead management looks like.
    • Developing a Lead Management Strategy
      • Creating a lead management strategy can feel complicated, especially when you're managing several leads in different stages of their buyer's journey. To get the most complete picture of how your leads move, you'll need support from both marketing and sales to develop an effective lead management strategy. In this lesson, you'll learn how to create an effective lead management strategy by aligning your marketing and sales teams.
    • Segmenting and Qualifying Your Leads With HubSpot
      • To ensure you're managing and engaging with your leads effectively, you'll need to start by organizing your leads with segmentation and lead qualification. Whether you're in marketing or sales, HubSpot has the tools to make segmenting and qualifying your leads feel seamless. In this lesson, you'll learn how to segment and qualify your leads with HubSpot.
    • Lead Nurturing With HubSpot
      • Turning your leads into customers is no easy feat. That's why lead nurturing is key to moving each of your unique leads through their path to purchase. With HubSpot, you can create automated lead nurturing campaigns that make educating and nurturing your leads feel seamless. In this lesson, you'll learn the fundamentals of lead nurturing and how to create a lead nurturing email campaign with HubSpot.
    • Lead Scoring and Lead Routing With HubSpot
      • While some organizations struggle to achieve enough sales qualified leads and opportunities, others struggle with having too many leads and not enough resources to manage them. By developing a lead scoring system and lead routing system, you'll be able to prioritize and manage your sales-ready leads seamlessly. Learn how to set up lead scoring and lead routing systems with HubSpot.
    • Measuring Your Lead Management Success With HubSpot
      • Lead management is an ongoing process. To continuously provide your leads with the most seamless experience, it's important to analyze what's working with your lead management efforts, and what's not. In this lesson, you'll learn which metrics to track and how to report on your lead management success with HubSpot.
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