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Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools to Become Better at Anything

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Do you spend too much time learning with disappointing results? Do you find it difficult to remember what you read? Do you put off studying because it’s boring and you’re easily distracted? This course is for you!

Dr. Barbara Oakley—instructor of some of the most popular online courses of all time—and her co-instructor Olav Schewe, educational coach extraordinaire, have struggled in the past with their learning. But they’ve found ways to succeed—Barb has gone from a math-phobic failure in high school to become an engineering professor, and Olav has gone from a mediocre, muddling student to become a standout in his graduate studies at Oxford. In Learn Like a Pro , Olav and Barb lay out techniques based on easy-to-understand but cutting-edge neuroscientific research that can also help you master any material.

Learn Like a Pro is like no other course on learning—it weaves late-breaking insights from neuroscience into Barb and Olav’s previous research and teaching to show unexpected, yet practical, new approaches. You’ll learn why note-taking isn’t always beneficial and why speed-reading techniques don’t work (they speed up only your eyes, not your brain—but there is something better you can do instead). You’ll also learn why the best strategies for learning a new language as an adult are inevitably different from the approaches you used as a child. And guess what? The same techniques you might use to boogie-down with dance or sink a basketball share can, with clever retooling, also help you gradually become an expert coder or master at chess.

Think you aren’t so smart? Learn why your slower way of learning can help you see the faulty assumptions and discover deeper truths that even geniuses can miss. In fact, you’ll learn how applying useful learning techniques to your slow-learning approach can help you to sometimes perform better than mental superstars. Are you already a great learner? Learn Like a Pro will give you useful tools to become even more powerful in your learning. (Pro tip—what you’ve previously been taught about how to learn successfully is often the opposite of what neuroscience tells us about how to learn most successfully.) This inspirational course will also teach you how to boost your motivation and creatively handle frustration—no matter what you’re learning. You’ll find new pathways to triumph, and you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re at it. Join us at Learn Like a Pro and boost your learning success today!

Taught by

Olav Schewe and Barbara Oakley

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4.8 rating, based on 80 reviews

Start your review of Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools to Become Better at Anything

  • A compact course packed with information and techniques to help you learn more quickly and effectively. While some information is the same as in Barbara Oakley's Learning How to Learn, it introduces new material and explains the "Why" behind the strategies presented. Also includes some interactive activities and encourages effective participation in the discussion forums. A well-made course!
  • This was an informative course presented in compact learning modules. The instructors did a great job presenting information on the topic in easy-to-digest ways. I appreciated their inclusion of both visual and auditory learning modalities.
  • Yet another top course from Barbara Oakly, building further on previous successes, improving the material and adding new concepts. This is a short course full of tips & tricks to improve your learning, backed by scientific research. The animations...
  • It has very clear videos and good exercises to practice. Great tools recommended. The two people that teach are very good to explaining the concepts.
  • Anonymous
    The instructors explained techniques that were applied immediately and the results were instantaneous. I especially enjoyed the visual description which gave me a picture of what they were talking about and exactly how to apply it.

    Previously, I heard about the concept of a mind palace in the series "Sherlock" and thought it was something only geniuses like Sherlock can use, now I am convinced otherwise and will apply the skills learned in this course to improve my learning of finance.
  • Anonymous
    An eye-opening course for me, a freshman at college. I loved the inclusion of information from scientific studies because they helped me to really understand why these learning techniques were so useful. For example, I will now spend more time doing practice questions through active recall to help strengthen my neural links instead of rereading my texts . The course was relatively short with easily digestible material. Thank you to the team!
  • Profile image for Jes
    I really enjoyed this course, the videos have the information clear and concise. I finally understood how we learn and why the techniques they teach us work. I would have liked to have more exercises to practice each technique or interactive practices.

    The instructors are veery nice and made the course fun and easy. Thank you very much for giving us access to this material and I hope you do more excellent courses like this one. Congratulations! (:
  • Anonymous
    I thought this was a great course to learn how to learn more effectively.

    I especially liked the transcript of the video while it was playing. The review questions were very helpful in reviewing the material.

    It would have been great if there had been more interactive components. Otherwise it was a great course! I'd recommend it to anyone.
  • A great course as interesting as learning how to learn and almost as fascinating as the science of everyday thinking - I would like to see Barbara and Olev in a different wardrobe occasionally otherwise it seems like they wore the same outfits straight for the past 2 weeks. Just kidding. Recommended for any amateur learner or non-learner.
  • Awsome course. I wish I had it a long time ago. It would have been a great help even in high school which was a long time ago, in 1929.

    I have ordered the book and I am anxious to read it.
  • Vivian Baruch
    Excellent overview of learning processes & techniques using cognitive psychology & neuroscience information.
  • Anonymous
    This is the first time I'm consulting material on learning technique and I chose to because I am planning to follow online classes while working full-time and wanted to make the most out of my study time. Really liked it - I'm glad I picked it up. I...
  • I have faced so many challenges when learning a new subject. Remembering what I studied was the greatest challenge I faced. When I came across "Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools to Become Better at Anything" I felt happy. As I followed the course lessons day by day I understood that the teachers are full of new ideas and I found their teaching method practical and easy to understand. The learning tools they spoke about were very important to me to study effectively. I began to understand the underlying process of learning. So I would like to thank both teachers for teaching the course in an easy-to-understand and effective manner.
  • Profile image for MuralhasS
    Barbara Oakley has been a learning "knight" trying to help people around the world to learn more effectively. I am a huge fan of her work. I did the course Learning how to Learn, and was not sure if doing this course would not be like a repetition. But it's a more concise course, with some new additions. Very clear and amusing communication from Barbara Oakley and Olaf Schewe. The graphic part is also an improvement in the previous course. Congratulations and thank you. I have enjoyed it a lot once again, and I will try to apply what I have learned in my next new challenge: Programming Bootcamp. And I will need all possible help.
  • Um curso introdutório sobre como melhorar o processo de aprendizagem, são apresentadas diversas técnicas que se utilizadas em conjunto podem melhorar drasticamente o processo de aprendizagem na totalidade. Falto no curso mais ferramentas avaliativas após cada um dos vídeos, são poucas questões avaliativas após cada um dos vídeos, também seria interessante se tivesses uma curadoria de vídeos complementares, dos próprios autores ou não, para ajudar a entender e aplicar as técnicas apresentadas.

    Não indico este curso para quem já completou o Learning How to Learn da Barbara.
  • Daniel T Casey
    Excellent course. Clearly outlines a proven set of learning techniques. Excellent lectures. It really highlighted the shortcomings in my approach to learning, both in academic and professional settings. The tools presented here are very useful.

    One thing the course emphasizes is the need to eliminate distractions if you are going to be an effective learner. This is difficult to accomplish in the cell phone era, but essential for learning success. I wish that more students, especially in grades 6-12, could be exposed to these principles.
  • Anonymous
    Many interesting things, and a nice presentation. The length of each video seemed to be just convenient - I am not native-english speaking, and I cannot prevent myself to read the text to check whether I understand well what I am listening to, which is a bit tiring sometimes !

    I need time to make my own synthesis of what I have learnt. There are a lot of things that are not so "revolutionary", however all put together they make up a substantial package.

    I'll try to make my own index of the most important notions and word.
  • Anonymous
    This course makes me conscious in a good way on how I should learn (to be metacognitive as they call it), and have fun while doing it. The science behind the explanations were interesting and made real sense to all the learning tips recommended throughout the course. Kudos to all the people on and off cam esp. Ms. Barb Oakley & Mr. Olav Schewe who made it easy and fun for us to learn like a pro! This was one of the worthiest 10-15mins I spent online everyday for 2 weeks now. Thank you so much!
  • Anonymous
    Before you start learning anything, this course is a must!! it helped me tremendously with my learning journey and learning new things became way easier. this course provides a lot of useful tools for effective learning, explains how our brain functions when it comes to storing information, and also tackles many important topics such as motivation, procrastination, metacognition... 1000% recommended! thank you Olav and Barb!
  • Anonymous
    Olav and Barb are learning rockstars! Please, do you a favour and enroll on this fantastic-course! Olav and Barb are learning rockstars! Please, do you a favour and enroll on this fantastic-course! Olav and Barb are learning rockstars! Please, do you a favour and enroll on this fantastic-course! Olav and Barb are learning rockstars! Please, do you a favour and enroll on this fantastic-course!

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