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Accounting Foundations: Managerial Accounting

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Learn the basics of managerial accounting to help you make better organizational decisions.


  • Making business decisions through good accounting
1. Managerial Accounting and Business Decision-Making
  • Introduction to managerial accounting
  • The purpose of managerial accounting
  • Recognizing problems and opportunities
  • Controlling and evaluating data
2. Costs and Cost Behaviors
  • Understanding sunk costs
  • Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis
  • Controlling product cost flows
  • Types of product costs
  • Terms related to evaluation and decision-making
3. CVP Analysis
  • Opening a Thai restaurant
  • Contribution margin
  • The CVP equation
  • The break-even point
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Sales mix
4. Cost Flows
  • Understanding production costs
  • Overview of cost control
  • Cost flows in manufacturing organizations
  • Cost flows in merchandising organizations
  • Cost flows in service firms
5. Standard Costing
  • Pricing a home remodel
  • Responsibility accounting and the standard cost system
  • Variances in materials price and quantity
  • Labor rate and efficiency variances
  • Controlling materials and labor variances
6. Using Activity-Based Costing
  • The real cost of ice cream
  • Introduction to activity-based costing
  • The basics of activity-based costing
  • Identifying overhead cost activities
  • Analyzing overhead
  • Identifying cost drivers
  • Assigning production overhead
  • Doing the math to influence your decisions
7. Budgeting
  • Who needs a budget?
  • The purpose of budgeting
  • Budgeting for a manufacturing organization
  • Budgeting for a merchandising organization
  • Budgeting for a service organization
  • Having a cash budget
8. Capital Budgeting
  • The billion-dollar machine
  • Understanding capital budgeting
  • Discounting cash flows
  • The payback method
  • The unadjusted rate of return method
  • The net present value (NPV) method
  • The internal rate of return method
  • Considering qualitative factors
  • Key takeaways

Taught by

Jim Stice and Kay Stice


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