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Acoustic Guitar Lessons: 4 Feel & Crosspicking

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Learn how to play bluegrass guitar with Grammy-winning flatpicker Bryan Sutton. Course 4 shows how to develop feel, pocket, and groove, and use different crosspicking styles.

The bluegrass style is one of the most rewarding and technically demanding ways to play guitar. Once you've mastered the basics, you can play most songs. But becoming a great bluegrass guitarist has a lot to do with feel and dexterity—skills you can only master with the help of a great teacher. Bryan Sutton is arguably the best flatpick guitarist since the late great Doc Watson. In this course, part 4 of Bluegrass Guitar Lessons, he shares his Grammy-winning techniques with you.
Learn how to maintain flatpicking flow—consistent tone, groove, and musicality. Find out how to play along role-oriented lines, and find more musical opportunities. In chapters 3, 4, and 5, Bryan shows how to apply what you've learned to intermediate versions of popular bluegrass tunes. Each lesson helps you add a challenging new dimension to your sound, and improve your overall musicality.

Note: This course was recorded and produced by ArtistWorks. We are honored to host this training in our library.


  • Welcome
1. Adding Feel and Developing Groove
  • Developing groove and pocket: Part 1
  • Developing groove and pocket: Part 2
  • Feel: Exercise 1
  • Feel: Exercise 2
2. Crosspicking
  • Crosspicking: Part 1
  • Crosspicking: Part 2
  • Crosspicking (key of G): Exercise 1
  • Crosspicking (key of C): Exercise 1
  • Crosspicking with hammer-ons (key of C): Exercise 1
  • Crosspicking: Etude 1
3. Intermediate Bluegrass Tunes 2
  • “Big Sciota” (intermediate): Part 1
  • “Big Sciota” (intermediate): Part 2
  • “Blackberry Blossom” (intermediate): Analysis
  • “Blackberry Blossom” (intermediate): Performance 85 BPM
  • “Blackberry Blossom” (intermediate): Performance 95 BPM
  • “Daley's Reel” (intermediate): Part 1
  • “Daley's Reel” (intermediate): Part 2
4. Intermediate Bluegrass Tunes 3
  • “High Heel Shoe” (intermediate)
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (intermediate): Analysis, part 1
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (intermediate): Analysis, part 2
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (intermediate): Performance 80 BPM
  • “Whiskey Before Breakfast” (intermediate): Performance 90 BPM
  • “Shady Grove” (intermediate)
5. Intermediate Bluegrass Tunes 4
  • “Jimmy Brown” (intermediate)
  • “Kitchen Girl” (intermediate): Part 1
  • “Kitchen Girl” (intermediate): Part 2
  • “Wildwood Flower” (intermediate): Part 1
  • “Wildwood Flower” (intermediate): Part 2
  • “Red Haired Boy” (intermediate): Part 1
  • “Red Haired Boy” (intermediate): Part 2
  • ArtistWorks and Next Steps

Taught by

Bryan Sutton

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