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After Effects Guru: Advanced Photoshop Integration

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Use Photoshop to repair and build assets for After Effects projects. Learn how to develop raw images, correct lens distortion, create 3D objects, build backdrops, and more.

After Effects has a powerful toolset, but there are some things Photoshop just excels at. Namely, manipulating raw images, color, and perspective. If you're a Creative Cloud subscriber, you have access to the entire suite of applications. So why not take advantage of both toolsets? In this course, Rich Harrington shows video professionals how to fully integrate Photoshop into a variety of After Effects workflows, including repairing images and building new assets for motion graphics and video effects.

Learn how to properly develop and then optimize raw files to increase performance in After Effects, and use Photoshop's advanced typographic controls. Find out how to use layer styles to add bevels, overlays, and glows, and correct lens distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting. Rich also introduces a unique use for Vanishing Point, which allows you to export 3D objects for parallax movements and virtual sets. Plus, discover how to save out depth mattes for backdrops and keying, and use the powerful Content-Aware tools for background plates, set extensions, or recomposing assets. There's a lot to learn! Start watching to incorporate Photoshop's advanced tools into your next After Effects project.


  • What you’ll learn in this course
  • Who this course is ideal for
  • Exercise files
1. Preparing Photoshop Files for Transfer
  • Layer naming strategies
  • Aligning and distributing layers
  • Organizing with groups and Smart Objects
  • Color coding for future edits
  • File format options for animation
2. Working with Raw Images
  • Raw format overviews
  • Converting to DNG files
  • Developing with Adobe Camera Raw
  • Managing sidecar files
  • Embedding raw images inside Smart Objects
3. Advanced Typographic Controls
  • Layout options with point vs. paragraph text
  • Using advanced alignment controls
  • Controlling line breaks with Every-line Composer options
  • Choosing the right aliasing method
  • Checking spelling in Photoshop
4. Designing with Layer Styles
  • The role of layer styles
  • Creating depth and perspective with layer styles
  • Creating custom textures and overlays
  • Exporting layer styles for animation in After Effects
  • Saving style libraries
5. Correcting Lens Issues and Artifacts
  • Fixing perspective and keystoning with Upright
  • Removing lens distortion
  • Removing wide-angle distortion
  • Removing chromatic aberration
  • Exporting corrected video
6. Creating Perspective with Vanishing Point Exchange
  • Cloning with Vanishing Point
  • Drawing perspective planes
  • Exporting 3D objects
  • Animating with Vanishing Point
7. Creating LUTs with Photoshop
  • The role of LUTs
  • Creating and saving a LUT in Photoshop
  • Loading a LUT in After Effects
8. Creating Realistic Focus Effects for Backdrops and Keying
  • Creating depth with the Camera Lens Blur effect
  • Creating depth with the Blur Gallery
  • Converting a blur effect to a depth matte
  • Animating depth blurs in After Effects
9. Mastering Content-Aware Tools Photoshop
  • Cleaning up a background plate
  • Extending a background
  • Reshaping an Image
  • Goodbye

Taught by

Richard Harrington

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