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AutoCAD: Importing a 2D Project into 3ds Max

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Learn how to refine a 2D computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, import it into Autodesk 3ds Max, and create a 3D scene with a floor and walls.

Discover how to take a flat, two-dimensional CAD drawing and use Autodesk 3ds Max to develop it into a three-dimensional model with walls and a floor. Instructor Shaun Bryant begins by demonstrating how to prepare an existing 2D CAD drawing for use in 3ds Max. Next, learn about choosing the right settings for saving the drawing in AutoCAD, then see how to import the resulting file in 3ds Max. Shaun covers which tools to use inside 3ds Max, shows how to extrude a floor and walls, talks about basic shapes which might be needed for further visualization, and demonstrates how to save a 3ds Max scene.


  • AutoCAD 2D projects and 3ds Max
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Using the exercise files
  • The new AutoCAD 2020 interface
1. Cleaning Up Your CAD Drawing
  • Explaining the existing CAD drawing and its layers
  • Explaining the standards used in the CAD drawing
  • Why only the major CAD components are needed
  • Turning off the layers that are not needed
2. Setting Up New CAD Layers
  • Setting up the new 3D CAD layers
  • A new layer for 3D external walls
  • A new layer for 3D internal walls
  • A new layer for the 3D floor
3. Creating New Polyline Boundaries
  • Using the Boundary command (BPOLY) to create 3D boundaries
  • Creating a new 3D boundary for the external walls
  • Creating a new 3D boundary for the internal walls
  • Creating a new 3D boundary for the floor
  • Freezing all other nonessential layers
4. Saving Out as a New CAD Drawing
  • Making sure you save out as the appropriate DWG file type
  • Save the file out as a new 3D DWG file with a new filename
5. Setting Units for 3ds Max
  • Explaining the units of the new 3D CAD drawing
  • Setting your display units in 3ds Max
6. Importing into 3ds Max
  • Importing and linking a CAD drawing
  • Locating your 3D CAD drawing
  • Checking the file units import setting
  • Deriving your AutoCAD primitives from the DWG file
  • Choosing your CAD drawing layers
  • Sanity checking and saving your 3ds Max scene
  • Saving as a 3ds Max scene
7. Extruding Wall Boundaries in 3ds Max
  • Extruding your external wall boundaries
  • Using Slice Plane to add door and window heights
  • Using the Bridge tool for top sections of door and window openings
  • Using Slice Plane to add window sill height
  • Using the Bridge tool for wall sections below windows
  • Extruding your internal wall boundaries
  • Saving out as a 3ds Max scene
8. Extruding the Floor in the 3ds Max Scene
  • Extruding your floor boundary
  • Checking the floor does not clash with the walls and openings
  • Saving out as a 3ds Max scene
  • Next steps

Taught by

Shaun Bryant

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