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Cloud Quantum Computing Essentials

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Learn the essentials of cloud quantum computing, why you should consider using cloud quantum services, and under which conditions they are recommended and not recommended.


  • Creating solutions with cloud quantum computing
  • Using cloud services
  • What you should know
1. Cloud Quantum Computing Services Overview
  • Why use cloud quantum computing services
  • Understand key quantum computing concepts
  • How to start using cloud quantum computing services
  • Preview applications using QPUs today
2. Cloud Quantum Vendors
  • Cloud quantum computing vendor choices
  • Quantum learning libraries
  • Explore IBM OpenQASM and Qiskit
  • Explore Google Cirq
  • Explore Azure Q#
  • Explore AWS Braket
3. Core Quantum Computing Gates and Operations
  • Quantum NOT gate
  • Quantum superposition with Hadamard (H) gate
  • Quantum entanglement with CNOT gate
  • Quantum amplitude amplification (AA)
  • Quantum Fourier transform (QFT)
  • Quantum phase estimation (PE)
4. Quantum Algorithms and Applications
  • Quantum random number generator
  • Qubit gate operations detailed for cQASM
  • Cloud quantum Shor's algorithm: Part 1
  • Cloud quantum Shor's algorithm: Part 2
5. Quantum Machine Learning
  • Cloud quantum computing machine learning basics
  • Explore quantum ML methods: Classification
  • Cloud quantum neural networks: Hello worlds
  • Cloud quantum neural networks: MNIST
  • Review applied cloud quantum computing ML
  • Learning more about cloud quantum computing

Taught by

Lynn Langit


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