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Creating a Game Character in Blender

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Create a game character with Blender's free 3D toolset, while you build your modeling, sculpting, and texturing skills.


  • Welcome
  • Using the exercise files
  • What you should know before watching this course
  • Basic interface options and shortcuts in Blender
1. Getting Started in Blender with the Base Mesh
  • Setting up image planes
  • Blocking out the leg
  • Adding the mirror modifier
  • Adding edge loops and smoothing
  • Blocking out the chest and hips
  • Blocking out the arms
  • Blocking in the back and neck
  • Blocking out the hands and duplicate fingers
  • Blocking out the hooves
2. Using Retopo to Make a Low-Poly Head
  • Using Dyntopo in sculpting mode to make a base mesh on the head
  • Using retopo to make the head base: Part 1
  • Using retopo to make the head base: Part 2
  • Adjusting the low-poly head mesh
  • Adding horns to the character
3. Sculpting the Character Forms
  • The multiresolution modifier
  • Setting up the sculpt menu
  • Laying down clay strips to define form in the body
  • Sculpting the hands
  • Finishing the hand and sculpting the head
4. Creating the Lower Poly Version of the Character
  • Duplicating the mesh and creating low and high variations
  • Reducing the polygon levels
  • Cleaning up the scene
  • Creating an accessory for the minotaur
5. UV Unwrapping the Figure and Adding Materials
  • Using the Relax add-on script
  • Overview of Blender unwrapping basics: Part 1
  • Overview of Blender unwrapping basics: Part 2
  • Combining the UV elements into one UV space
6. Making the Normal Maps
  • Exporting the models
  • Baking normal maps in xNormal
  • Baking normals in Blender
  • Applying normal maps
7. Texture Paint
  • Overview of the texture paint mode and brushes
  • Painting the figure base colors
  • Painting the figure details
  • Reviewing the final painting details
Next Steps
  • Goodbye

Taught by

Christian Bradley


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