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Excel Weekly Challenge

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Build your Excel skills, one week at a time. Accept a new challenge every Friday to learn and practice Excel.

There are countless books and courses that teach Microsoft Excel. However, true mastery requires practice. You have to apply what you've learned in order to make it stick. This series, with Excel MVP Oz du Soleil, provides weekly Excel challenges taken from Oz's experience helping clients with real-world problems. Each video begins with a challenge, such as inconsistent cell formatting, duplicate line items, or incomplete data. Pause the video and download the related exercise file to work out your own solution using the powerful features built into Excel. When you're ready, you can restart the video to see how Oz solves the challenge. In just a few minutes a week, you can learn the most popular and useful Excel formulas, functions, and features. Tune in every Friday for a new technique.Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


New This Week
  • Format grid
  • Sharpen your Excel skills with hands-on practice
Excel Challenges
  • Add new participants to teams
  • Format the cells in a form
  • Align and adjust text on an order form
  • Get a count of possible venues
  • Identify and move attendee data
  • Combine first and last names
  • Clean up bizarre formatting
  • Fill in categories and sort
  • Add a new list and line it up
  • Sort addresses by region
  • Help find our perfect home
  • Excel in real life: House shopping
  • Prepare this report to be printed
  • List and inspect survey results
  • Create table of course summaries
  • Correct city names
  • Fix the pricing formula
  • Fill in pick list details
  • Create a chart of monthly complaints
  • Calculate pay based on hours and location
  • Review accuracy of invoice
  • Combine three donation lists into one
  • Group and sort inventory items
  • The expense report is wrong
  • Categorize the status of each apartment
  • Excel in real life: Auditing inventory
  • Leading zeroes
  • Sort and stack
  • Fix dates
  • Add a shape
  • Combo chart with secondary axis
  • Horizontal sort
  • Set up and format a workbook
  • Count addresses
  • Fix IDs
  • Protect and validate
  • Find duplicates
  • Hide zeroes
  • Correct these calculations
  • What is this formula doing?
  • Pricing grid and drop-down list
  • Write a formula trigger
  • Merge and compare lists
  • Recreate this graphic
  • Insert a happy or sad face
  • Conditional formatting and sorting icons
  • Crop and print
  • Quick access and theme
  • Update graphs
  • Insert a PivotTable
  • Delete transactions and insert a PivotTable
  • Close holes in a list
  • QAT and pivot table
  • Unpivot and split columns
  • Presentations part 1: Randomize
  • Presentations part 2: What day is each person presenting?
  • Calculate team fees
  • Lookup and correct errors
  • Calculate final cost and set data validation
  • Clear excess images
  • Format workbook defaults
  • Extract all Saturdays
  • Copy to a new workbook and save as a PDF
  • Insert a PivotTable and slicers to review workshop data
  • Use Find and Replace to correct names
  • Isolate addresses
  • Payment errors, part 1
  • Payment errors, part 2
  • Change chart type and create summary
  • Create drop-down lists
  • Explain this sales formula
  • Using COUNTIFS with wildcards
  • Create an index column
  • Create tables and eliminate hyperlinks
  • List the top seven donation amounts
  • Get data ready for a PivotTable
  • Modify a PivotTable
  • Find a Power Query result
  • Create a dynamic drop-down list
  • Filter venues with dynamic arrays
  • Find and restore missing data
  • Override names
  • Answer four questions about data
  • Protect calculations with a shape
  • Working with inventory percentages
  • Replace highlights with conditional formatting
  • Replace "Al" with "Alyssa"
  • Apply a spin button
  • Create a custom message in data validation
  • Change the parameters of a data validation
  • Identify multiple shifts
  • Apply conditional formatting icons
  • View a worksheet through two windows
  • Correct dates to show the weekday, day, month, and year
  • Remove the background from an image
  • Calculate reimbursements based on a maximum per day
  • Sort this data
  • Apply formulas to new data
  • Clear the formatting in a range of cells
  • Transpose data and paste formula
  • Find three ways to extract the item ID
  • Write a formula from nothing and create your own data
  • Isolate data by the week
  • TJ's arts and crafts: How can we improve this workbook?
  • Explain this crazy formula and test it
  • Please fix this PivotTable
  • How many paid days off are available?
  • Count flights in a matrix
  • Adjust layout
  • Sum the salmon dishes
  • Event planning formula
  • What's the deal with these payroll calculations?

Taught by

Oz du Soleil

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