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iOS and watchOS App Development: Notifications

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Learn how to use the iOS 12 and watchOS UserNotifications framework to develop local and remote notifications and create your own custom interfaces.

Learn how to add notifications to iOS and watchOS apps. Notifications can increase engagement and improve user experience, providing a simple and fast way to interact with your app. This course explains how to use features of the UserNotifications framework to send local notifications as well as push notifications from a remote server. iOS developer and LinkedIn Learning instructor Steve Lipton explains how to create static and dynamic content; manage pending and delivered notifications; and add interactive actions to your notifications. Plus, learn how to integrate images, audio, and video into notifications, and build notifications specifically for watchOS.


  • Add notifications to iOS apps
  • What you should know
  • Project and exercise files overview
  • Setting up simulators
1. User Permissions
  • Add the framework
  • Ask user permission
  • Check user permissions
  • Test user permissions
  • Use provisional permissions
2. Local Notifications
  • Steps for local notifications
  • Static notification content
  • Dynamic notification content
  • Time interval triggers
  • Calendar notification triggers
  • Notification requests
  • Notification testing
  • In-app notification
3. Notification Management
  • Pending notifications
  • Unique identifiers
  • Delivered notifications
  • Update notification content
  • Update pending notifications
  • Remove notifications
  • Repeating notifications
  • Remove all notifications
  • Custom group notifications
4. Interacting with Notifications
  • Get interactive with notifications
  • Configure notification categories
  • Add categories to notifications
  • Add actions to categories
  • Respond to action requests
  • Code the action response
  • Code the next action response
  • Test actions
  • Text response actions
  • Text response requests
5. Push Notifications
  • APNs and remote notifications
  • Project settings for push notifications
  • Register for notifications
  • Get a certificate key
  • Convert .p12 to .pem
  • Get the token
  • Test the notification
6. Push Notification Payloads
  • JSON payloads
  • Launch a JSON payload
  • Alerts
  • Actions
  • Add user info in payload
  • User info in app
  • Grouped push notifications
7. The Service Extensions
  • The notification extensions
  • Add a service extension
  • Code the notification extension
8. The Content Extension
  • Add the content extension
  • Change the UI
  • Code the view controller
  • Change plist settings
  • Customize actions
  • Customize requests
  • Add buttons
  • Use buttons for actions
  • Code the snooze button
9. Rich Media in Notifications
  • Types of media
  • Image attachment
  • Audio and video attachments
  • Expired extensions
  • Add an image in content extension
  • Load an image from the web
  • Test the image from the web
10. Apple Watch Notifications
  • Watch notifications
  • Watch looks
  • Default watch notifications
  • Watch notification interfaces
  • Watch push notifications
  • Next steps

Taught by

Steven Lipton

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