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Java Essential Training: Syntax and Structure

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Get started with Java, the popular object-oriented programming language. Learn about basic Java syntax and the Java platform's fundamental architecture.

Get started with Java, the popular object-oriented programming language. In this course—the first installment in the Java Essential Training series—start exploring this essential language, and learn about basic Java syntax and the Java platform's fundamental architecture. Instructor David Gassner goes over the history of the language, providing coverage of its principles, components, and syntax. David explains how to install Java on Windows and macOS, and how to create a project in IntelliJ IDEA. He also demonstrates how to work with primitive variables, create and parse String values, and manage program flow—including how to create reusable code.


  • Welcome
  • What you should know
  • How to use the exercise files
  • Which version of Java do you want to learn?
1. What Is Java?
  • The history of Java
  • Principles and components of Java
  • Java syntax and compilation
  • Memory management and garbage collection
  • Choosing a development environment
2. Get Started
  • Install Java on Windows
  • Add Java to the system PATH on Windows
  • Install Java on OS X
  • Test simple Java code in JShell
  • Install and configure IntelliJ IDEA
  • Create a project in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Pass arguments to a console application
  • Take a tour of IntelliJ IDEA
  • Use the Java API documentation
3. Work with Variables
  • Work with primitive variables
  • Declare and modify primitive values
  • Store currency values with BigDecimal
  • Convert values between numeric types
  • Math operators and the Math class
  • Work with boolean values
  • Work with character values
  • More about Java operators
4. Work with String Values
  • Declare and initialize String objects
  • Create and concatenate String values
  • Convert primitive values to strings
  • Build a String from multiple values
  • Compare String values with methods
  • Format numeric values as strings
  • Parse String values
  • Challenge: A simple calculator
  • Solution: A simple calculator
5. Manage Program Flow
  • Evaluate conditions with if-else
  • Evaluate conditions with switch-case
  • Create looping code blocks
  • Create reusable code with methods
  • Create overloaded methods
  • Pass arguments by reference vs. value
  • Challenge: A more complex calculator
  • Solution: A more complex calculator
  • Next steps

Taught by

David Gassner

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