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JavaScript Essential Training

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Get hands-on experience scripting in JavaScript. Learn how to work with objects, variables, data types, conditionals, functions, loops, the DOM, and more.


  • JavaScript: The soil from which the modern web grows
  • How to use the exercise files
1. JavaScript: A Brief Introduction
  • JavaScript: First contact
  • Navigating the JS landscape
  • Tools for working with JavaScript
  • Linting and formatting
  • Get to know the browser console
  • JavaScript language basics
  • Learning JavaScript backward
2. Up and Running with JS
  • JavaScript in an HTML document
  • JavaScript as an external file
  • Modern JavaScript loading
  • JavaScript modules
3. Objects
  • Objects: A practical introduction
  • JavaScript objects: The code version
  • Object containers
  • Object properties
  • Accessing objects
  • Accessing object properties
  • Practice: Build a new object
  • Object methods
  • Practice: Build a new method
  • Classes: Object blueprints
  • Object constructors
  • Practice: Build a new object with a constructor
  • Global objects
  • Challenge: Create a new object type
  • Solution: Create a new object type
4. Sidebar: String Output
  • Mix text and variables with template literals
  • Traditional string output
5. DOM
  • DOM: The Document Object Model
  • Access elements with querySelector methods
  • Access elements using older methods
  • Practice: Find an element
  • Modifying element classes
  • Attributes
  • Inline style
  • Practice: Modify classes and attributes, and styles
  • Add DOM elements
  • Challenge: Add a new element
  • Solution: Add a new element
6. Sidebar: Variables and Data Types
  • Variables: Containers for everything
  • Var
  • Scope
  • Let
  • Const
  • Data types
  • Assignment vs. comparison
  • Math operators
7. Arrays
  • Arrays explained
  • Arrays in code
  • Array methods
  • Challenge: Build and modify an array
  • Solution: Build and modify an array
8. Functions and Methods
  • The real-world function
  • Functions and methods
  • A standard function
  • The arrow function
  • Arrow functions and "this"
  • Practice: Build a function
  • Pass data to a function with parameters
  • Return values from a function
  • Practice: Pass values between functions
  • Callbacks
  • Conditional if...else statement
  • Logical operators
  • Conditional switch statement
  • Looping through content
  • Using the map() array method
  • Challenge: Build an advanced function
  • Solution: Build an advanced function
9. Events
  • DOM events explained
  • Typical DOM events
  • Event listeners
  • Practice: Experiment with event listeners
  • Advanced event listeners and "this"
  • Pass arguments through event listeners
  • Challenge: Create an event listener
  • Solution: Create an event listener
10. Troubleshooting and Validating JS
  • Troubleshooting JavaScript in the browser
  • Making sense of a React component
  • Next steps on your learning journey

Taught by

Morten Rand-Hendriksen


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