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Learning Bodypaint in Cinema 4D

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Learn how to use BodyPaint, a subset of UV mapping and 3D painting tools in CINEMA 4D, to texture your 3D models.

BodyPaint is a subset of tools and layouts inside CINEMA 4D that allow artists to paint and texture their 3D models. These tutorials aim to teach CINEMA 4D users how to use BodyPaint to enhance your 3D pipeline.

Author Thanassis Pozantzis covers a wide set of techniques, from material projections and generating UV maps to UV unwrapping, both for hard surface models (such as packaging and mechanical objects) to organic models (including humans, monsters, and animals). Start here to learn how to incorporate BodyPaint into your production workflow.


  • Welcome
  • What we are going to learn
  • What you should know before watching this course
1. It's All About UV Maps
  • Texture axis and texture coordinates
  • What is a UV map?
  • Creating UV Maps
  • Editing UV Maps
  • Introduction to the UV coordinate system
  • What are UV islands?
  • UV selection troubleshooting tips
2. 3D Painting
  • Let's just paint!
  • Using the Paint Setup Wizard
  • Creating "paintable" materials
  • Working with layered files inside BodyPaint
  • Using brush presets to paint
  • Working with texture brushes
  • Understanding multichannel painting and how to use it
  • Understanding projection painting and how to use it
  • Managing your textures
  • BodyPaint Material Manager
3. Everything About the BodyPaint Interface
  • Using the Texture Viewer
  • Using the RayBrush
  • Setting up the preferences
  • Move, Scale, and Rotate attributes for UV components
  • UV polygon selections
  • The selection island shortcut
4. Unwrapping Everything
  • The UV unwrapping process
  • Unwrapping a cube
  • Unwrapping a rounded cube
  • Unwrapping a sphere
  • The UV commands
  • Move Up/Down Sequence
  • The Transform tab
  • Optimal mapping
  • Patching seams
  • Traditional banana peel
  • Using the Peeler to unwrap UVs
  • Use "divide and conquer" to simplify your unwrapping workflow
  • The "degenerate polygons" error message and how to avoid it
5. Unwrapping Project
  • Preparing the dinosaur model for unwrapping
  • Making proper cuts on the T-rex model
  • Unwrapping the dinosaur body
  • Unwrapping the dinosaur limbs
  • Unwrapping the dinosaur hands or claws
  • Unwrapping the mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Wrapping up the dinosaur
6. Unwrapping Project
  • Preparing the Mookie model for unwrapping
  • Making proper cuts on the Mookie model
  • Unwrapping Mookie's main body
  • Unwrapping Mookie's arms and hands
  • Unwrapping Mookie's head
  • Unwrapping Mookie's feet
  • Unwrapping Mookie's ears
  • How to deal with Mookie's accessories

Taught by

Thanassis Pozantzis

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