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Learning Combine with Swift

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Learn how to use Combine—Apple’s newest declarative framework—to request and process data to and from APIs and SwiftUI.

Combine is a monumental paradigm shift in the Apple programming mindset. Combine provides Swift developers with a declarative functional approach to interacting with APIs, as well as SwiftUI components, over time, through a publisher/subscriber model. The introduction of Combine gives you a native way to manage asynchronous events in Swift, without relying on third-party reactive frameworks. This course explores the Combine life cycle, including publishing, manipulating, and receiving data streams, and explains how to apply these fundamentals to interact with REST APIs and UI components. Instructor and iOS engineer Doron Katz also introduces advanced techniques, such as throttling data streams and leveraging advanced operators. This introductory course should enable you to start putting Combine into practice in your own app development workflow.


  • Power up your app with Combine
  • What you should know
1. Introduction to Combine
  • What is Combine?
  • Shift to functional reactive programming
  • Overview of SwiftUI
  • Advantages of Combine
2. Combine Fundamentals
  • Understand the Combine life cycle
  • Transmit data with publishers
  • Manipulate data with operators
  • Consume data with subscribers
  • Publish and subscribe to data with subjects
  • Publish data once with Future and Just
  • Challenge: Create a simple Combine data stream
  • Solution: Create a simple Combine data stream
3. Work with REST APIs
  • Call REST APIs with DataTaskPublisher
  • Handle errors with Combine
  • Unit testing and Combine
  • Challenge: Use Combine to call an API endpoint
  • Solution: Use Combine to call an API endpoint
4. Advanced Concepts
  • Manage threads with schedulers
  • Work with custom publishers and subscribers
  • Throttle publisher data with backpressure
  • Abstract Combine implementations with type erasures
  • Leverage the Combine advanced operators
  • Challenge: Call an API using schedulers and backpressure
  • Solution: Call an API using schedulers and backpressure
  • Go forth and code

Taught by

Doron Katz

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